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  • 1. Okay, so Ive been meaning to compile a list of whos who in the legacies for a while now. You know, havepictures and their basic stats. I figured it would be useful since I have a frigging lot of sims that sometimes Iget mixed up. What hope does anyone else have if I struggle to keep straight? This should help with that.For simplicitys sake, Im not going to get into all of the many cousins. Everyone in this was either born in amain house or played an important role in the story.Right now the plan is to keep this up-to-date so every time a new sim appears significantly in the story theyappear here as well. Well see how that goes.
  • 2. The Handy Index Page Quinn Stanton Melissa Mel Jacobs Harry Brown Gilbert Jacquet Ruby Chalmers Tessa Walter Charlotte Charlie Jacquet Gemma Jacobs-Merton The Simself Gideon Wilson Henry Jacobs James Stanton Erin Jacobs Ally Stanton Ambrose Jacobs Lorelai Stanton Noah Jacobs Luke Stanton Alexander Jacobs Ross Merton Caleb Jacobs Kaylynn Merton Kate Brown Todd Byall Waylon Brown Ivan Jacobs-Merton Alice Huerta Amelia Merton Bayley Beckett Galahad Merton Cole Kosmokos Guinevere Nev Merton Declan Dec Brown Ichelle Merton Edmund Ed Wendland Lydia Lydie Merton Vicki Brown Rosa Merton Knut Brown Ivy Merton Eliza Brown Alana Merton Felicity Flic Brown David Jacobs Gavin Brown
  • 3. This is Quinn Stanton. Shes the one who had the idea for her and her friends to start their own legacies inthe first place, but once she moved to Quaver Kanyon she found it significantly harder than she expected.She fell in love with Gilbert Jacquet, but because he was a playable they couldnt marry or live together.Quinn and Gilbert had a rocky relationship that resulted in three children: Charlotte, Gideon and James.While in one reality they were eventually able to marry, in the current one it was never so and ultimatelyQuinn broke it off as she realised there could be no future between them. Neither ever saw anyone everagain.Quinn was a Pleasure sim, and a Leo (4/10/4/4/3).
  • 4. This is the Maxis premade Gilbert Jacquet. Youve probably all seen him around your games.Gil was part of the welcome wagon back on Quinns first day as founder, and they instantly clicked with their3 bolt chemistry. Unfortunately because Gil is a playable things didnt quite work out (in this reality). Still,they managed to have three children despite a rocky relationship, so it wasnt all bad.Gil was a Romance sim and a Libra (1/7/2/6/9).
  • 5. This is Charlotte Charlie Jacquet. She was the first born of Quinn Stanton and Gilbert Jacquet and grew upfrom a slightly awkward looking toddler and child to a gorgeous looking teen and adult. She married adormie called Amar Gilscarbo and the pair of them decided to take her fathers name to save it from dyingout. The two of them have four children: Nadine, Louise, Daria and Quinn.Charlie was pretty central to the plot of her generation. She even became a witch because of it. Dont worrythough, she was always an insufferably nice one.Charlie is a Knowledge sim and a Libra (1/10/4/10/10)
  • 6. Second born of Quinn Stanton and Gilbert Jacquet was this guy, Gideon Wilson. He was a happy enoughchild, and as a teen he took to dating his best friend, Bayley Brown. Unfortunately it wasnt to be, butGideon did manage to find love and now he couldnt imagine his life with anyone other than Tazama Wilson.Taz and Gideon were the first to test out the prospects of same-sex pregnancies in the hood, and betweenthem they had a boy and a girl: Mara and Owen Wilson, both as cute as can be.Gideon is a knowledge sim and a Sagittarius (1/7/10/10/2)
  • 7. The final child Quinn and Gilbert had was James. Growing up, James fell to the sidelines a little bit. He didntface any major conflicts in his life. He was an active, adventurous chap who never really got into too muchtrouble. He was cute and I liked him, but the first truly interesting thing he did was decide that he was bestsuited to Ally Reeves despite only having 1 bolt with her and much higher chemistry with many other sims.James took over the legacy when he graduated, and he currently has two children: Luke and Lorelai. James isa Fortune sim and an Aquarius (7/1/7/10/10)
  • 8. Despite their low chemistry, Ally Reeves and James Stanton were meant to be. They stalked each other onACR despite there being many other sims around they had more chemistry with. Eventually Ally and Jamesdid get married, and they currently have 2 children, twins Luke and Lorelai. There are no plans for more.Ally is a family sim and an Aquarius (4/4/4/7/8)
  • 9. Lorelai Stanton is the older of Ally and James twins by 20 minutes, but she feels that makes her much moremature than her brother. Luke disagrees. Since started school Lorelai has wanted nothing more than to beolder, the same age as the other legacy girls. She had also always been interested in what she and otherslook like, to the extent it is driving her and her brother apart.Lorelai is still a child, and shes a Capricorn (9/10/1/8/7)
  • 10. Luke Stanton is Ally and James son, and Lorelais twin brother. Hes much more laid back than his twin, andfar more easy going. He doesnt care about appearances, especially his own which is a constant source ofconsternation to his sister. Personally he doesnt see what the fuss is all about: hed rather be playing videogames than dealing with clothes any day.Luke is still a child, and he is a Cancer (7/1/7/7/5).
  • 11. Ross Merton was the youngest of the founders, but not by much. He was a bit of a hippy and had a hungerfor knowledge which he passed to his children and some of his grandchildren too. He initially struggled tofind a wife, but eventually met Kaylynn. Shortly before she moved in Ross was abducted by aliens, leaving hispregnant. Hours later Kaylynn moved in and got pregnant. They got married immediately in theirunderwear and went on to have a total of five children between them: Todd, Ivan, Amelia, Galahad and Nev.Ross was a Knowledge sim and an Aquarius (4/4/4/7/6).
  • 12. Kaylynn Spitzig was one of the clique members that came with AL. After about a week she was the first simthat Ross met who he had any chemistry with. She had five children with Ross: Todd, Ivan, Amelia, Galahadand Nev. Todd might not be biologically hers, who biology does not a family make.Kaylynns a sweet old sim who is still clinging to life. She is a Family sim and one of the few sims in the hoodwho I felt needed a secondary: Knowledge. Her zodiac is Cancer (6/3/6/4/6)
  • 13. Todd is the eldest of Ross and Kaylynn combined children, and the shyest too. Growing up he was bestfriends with Ruby and Gemma, and his half brother, Ivan. As a teenager he dated Gemma while his brotherdated Ruby, but once he got to college he fell for Sharlene Byall. Between them they have seven children:John, Rygel, Aeryn, Moya, Chiana, Dargo and Bialar.Todd is a Knowledge/Family sim, and an Aquarius (0/0/10/7/8).
  • 14. Ivan Jacobs-Merton is Rosss second born, born only a matter of hours after his brother Todd just after. Hesalways beena cute kid, and he grew up outright handsome. As a teenager he was bitten by a vampire whichtied him to the plot of the generation. He dated Ruby for a while, but when they got to college they splitamicably as Ruby didnt want to be tied down and he fell for Rubys twin sister Gemma. He and Gemmacurrently have two children: Jade and Matthew.Ivan is a Popularity sim, and a Cancer (6/3/6/7/8)
  • 15. Amelia was the third Merton child to be born, the first daughter, and she was supposed to be the last. ACRsaw that she wasnt and that Ross and Kaylynn would have more than three children. As a child she wasdeclared the Mertons heir when her old brother decided they didnt want the burden. Amelia knew she wasgay from an early age, but it was never an issue with her or her family. During college she met Ichelle, a simwho shared her passion for learning and for dancing. They had three bolts, and needless to say they gotmarried. Amelia and Ichelle have four daughters: Lydie, Rosa, Ivy and Alana.Amelia is a knowledge sim, and a Cancer (6/3/6/4/8)
  • 16. Galahad Merton was the late in life ACR baby of Ross and Kaylynn. He quickly established himself as one ofmy


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