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Custom Wedding Dresses


  • Whirlingturban Bombshell Dresses and Pinup Couture are made in a small, custom design studio surrounded by an orchid-dripping and dragony-humming tropical garden in exo
  • *Starring* in your own wedding?Most of our styles turn magically into wedding dresses. You may want long and white; you may want tea length and powder blue. All of our brides, clearly, have their very own ideas! If you'd like to order a ready-made dress in order to save money or because you are an easy-to-t size, ask us about our ready-made wedding dresses!

    Here are some of our styles, please contact us with any questions you may have!

  • About Katherine Robinson...My rst fashion job, at 20, was assis
  • My Interest in "Vintage Style Wedding Dresses" and "Vintage Reproduc