which of the following medications does not treat hypertension? a.vasoconstrictors b.beta - blockers...

Download Which of the following medications does NOT treat hypertension? A.Vasoconstrictors B.beta - blockers C.ACE inhibitors D.calcium channel blockers

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  • Which of the following medications does NOT treat hypertension?

    Vasoconstrictorsbeta-blockersACE inhibitorscalcium channel blockers

  • The smallest arteries are called


  • The lining of the heart is called the


  • The pulmonary artery

    carries blood to the bodycarries blood to the ventriclescarries blood away from the heartcarries blood away from the lungs

  • The most common form of arteriosclerosis is


  • Which term means fast heart beat?


  • In which of the following conditions is a heart valve too loose?

    Valvulitisvalve prolapseValvorrhexisvalve stenosis

  • Which surgical procedure would be used to join together two arteries?

    arterial stentEndarterectomyAnastomosisbypass graft

  • Which of the following statements regarding heart valves is NOT true?

    Semilunar valves are between a ventricle and an artery.Atrioventricular valves are between an atrium and ventricle.The tricuspid valve is an atrioventricular valve.The mitral valve is a semilunar valve.

  • Which of the following diagnostic procedures is a blood test?

    cardiac scanVenographyHolter monitorcardiac enzymes

  • Which of the following statements regarding the atria is NOT true?

    Atria receive blood into the heart.The two atria are separated by a septum.Atria pump blood out of the heartAtria are the upper chambers.

  • A weakened and ballooned artery is called a(n)


  • Which condition is the severe chest pain associated with myocardial ischemia?

    angina pectoriscongestive heart failurecoronary artery diseasemyocardial infarction

  • Which term means listening to the sounds within the body?


  • Which abbreviation is an arrhythmia?


  • The narrowest blood vessels are called


  • Which of the following statements regarding the heart is NOT true?

    The heart is composed of smooth muscle fibers.The heart is a muscular pump.The heart is located in the mediastinum of the chest.The heart has four chambers

  • Which of the following terms means pounding, racing heartbeats?


  • The mitral valve is also called the ________ valve.


  • The diffusion of oxygen and nutrients from the blood into the body tissues occurs in the:

    capillary bedAortaHeartlungs

  • A heart specialist would be called a:


  • Which term is misspelled?


  • The heart receives its blood supply from the:

    coronary arteriesAortaVentriclescoronary sinus

  • Which of the following statements regarding blood flow through the heart is NOT true?

    The left atrium receives oxygenated blood from the lungsThe right ventricle receives blood from the right atriumThe left ventricle pumps blood to the lungs.The relaxation phase is called diastole

  • Blood exits the left side of the heart into the:

    pulmonary veinpulmonary arteryvena cavaeaorta

  • Which artery carries deoxygenated blood to the lungs?

    Systemicvena cavaAorticpulmonary

  • Blood is returned to the right side of the heart by the:

    vena cavaeAortapulmonary arterypulmonary vein

  • What is the name of the steel tube placed within a blood vessel?

    CardioverterStentbruit plaque

  • Which term is misspelled?


  • Which of the following statements regarding blood pressure is NOT true?

    It is the measurement of the force exerted by blood against the wall of a blood vessel.Blood pressure is affected by the diameter of the blood vessels.The diastolic pressure is the lowest point.Blood pressure is highest when the heart is relaxed.

  • Which surgical procedure is used to treat varicose veins?

    stent placementEmbolectomyAneurysmectomyligation and stripping

  • Which term means process of recording a vessel?


  • In which condition is the heart muscle too weak to pump efficiently?

    heart valve prolapseEndocarditiscongestive heart failuremyocarditis

  • The circulatory system transports wastes to all the following organs except:

    KidneyRectumliver lung

  • In bacterial endocarditis, themass of bacteria that forms is referred to as:


  • Which of the following organs is NOT part of the cardiovascular system?


  • The aorta carries:

    oxygenated blood to the lungsdeoxygenated blood to the heartoxygenated blood to the bodydeoxygenated blood to the lungs

  • Which surgical procedure uses a blood vessel obtained from another part of the body?

    intracoronary artery stentAneurysmectomycoronary artery bypass graftarterial anastomosis

  • Which of the following conditions is NOT a congenital anomaly?

    tetralogy of FallotAneurysmcoarctation of the aortapatent ductus arteriosus

  • Which of the following diagnostic procedures is able to visualize internal cardiac structures?

    coronary angiographyElectrocardiographycardiac scanechocardiography

  • Which surgical procedure removes the damaged inner lining of an artery?

    ligation and strippingEndarterectomyEmbolectomyarterial anastomosis

  • Which term is misspelled?


  • Which of the following conditions is periodic ischemic attacks affecting the extremities of the body?

    Thrombosvaricose veinspatent ductus arteriosusRaynauds phenomenon

  • Which term means a yellow fatty deposit of lipids in an artery?


  • Which of the following diagnostic procedures measures cardiac fitness?

    serum lipoprotein teststress testcoronary angiographycardiac enzymes

  • Which of the following statements regarding the ventricles is NOT true?

    Ventricles are the pumping chambers.Ventricles pump blood into the great arteries.Ventricles have a thick muscular wall.Ventricles receive blood directly from the veins returning blood to the heart.

  • Which procedure uses a heart-lung machine?

    Holter monitorextracorporeal circulationcardiopulmonary resuscitationstress testing

  • Which term means hardened artery?


  • Which of the following is also known as the pacemaker of the heart?

    Purkinje fibersatrioventricular bundlesinoatrial nodeatrioventricular node

  • Which layer of the heart is responsible for contracting in order to pump blood?


  • Fibrillation means that:

    the heart beat is dangerously irregularthe heart is beating too fastthe heart has suffered a heart attackthe heart has stopped beating

  • Which of the following statements is true regarding the pulmonary circulation?

    It carries deoxygenated blood towards the heart.It carries deoxygenated blood to the body. It carries oxygenated blood away from the lungs. It carries oxygenated blood away from the heart.

  • Valve stenosis means the valve is:

    too smalltoo loosetoo largetoo stiff

  • The complete stopping of heart activity is called:

    angina pectoris bundle branch blockcardiac arrestfibrillation

  • The largest artery in the body is the:

    Aortavena cavapulmonary arterynone of the above

  • Which of the following terms means to flow backwards?

    RegurgitationStentinfarct palpitation

  • Which of the following abbreviations stands for a surgical procedure?


  • Which combining form means chest?


  • Streptokinase and tissue-type plasminogen activator are used for:

    Defibrillationthrombolytic therapyHypertensionopen heart surgery

  • Which of the following conditions is caused by inflamed veins causing the formation of blood clots within the vein?

    Polyarteritisvaricose veinsThrombophlebitishemangioma

  • Which of the following abbreviations stands for a heart attack?


  • Which therapeutic device is used to treat ventricular fibrillation?

    PacemakerPericardiocentesisextracorporeal circulationimplantable cardioverter

  • Which structure of the conduction system was formerly called the bundle of His?

    bundle branchesatrioventricular bundleatrioventricular septumatrioventricular node

  • Which term means pertaining to between the atria?


  • Which medication increases the force of cardiac muscle contractions?


  • Which of the following is a floating clot that has broken off a clot somewhere else in the body?


  • Varicose veins in the anal region are called:


  • Which blood vessels have the


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