Whether you are rich or poor, it’s your fault.

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Whether you are rich or poor, its your fault.


  • 1. Whether You Are Rich or Poor, Its Your Fault.by James Godin | on February 19, 2013I Dont Know If You Are Rich Or PoorBut Either Way, Its Your Fault!Are You Rich Or Poor?A better question might be to ask, HOW do you determine whether you are rich or poor?Do you determine your richness based upon material things or a set of personal values?Do you figure you are poor because of a lack of these things?In my personal experience with rich peopleI have found the ones that I know have become rich because of a set of values they have based upon asuccess driven mindset.The best way I have found that makes it possible to dig into the millionaire mindset and uncover theSECRETS that make people richis to get into their inner circle mastermind.The way I see it is like thisIt doesnt matter whether you are rich or poor, because when you have the mindset of a winner and youDO whatever it takes to win (ethically of course), then you become the kind of person that doesnt measuretheir success based upon richnessBut rather upon the number of people who you have helped become rich in all areas of life, such asfinancially, mentally, and spiritually.Rich or PoorIts ALL in the mindset.
  • 2. And whether you are rich or poor is a decision that you make for yourself.Is It Someone Elses Fault If You Are Rich Or Poor?Its not a rich persons fault if you are poorAnd its not because of the poor person that you are rich. (if you are rich)If you are rich or poor, it is ENTIRELY your fault.No one wants to be poor, but if you constantly think about what you dont want, then you will always getwhat you dont want.So if you say you dont want to be poor, then you most likely will attract the people and the things in life thatmake you and keep you poor.Like I said to be rich or poor is a mindsetSo think like a rich person and over time you WILL attract the people and the things that will make you andkeep you rich.I dont know who you areBut whether you are rich or pooryou can benefit from this millionaire mindset training.Choose Between Being Rich Or PoorNow that we know it is our choice to be rich or poor, ITS TIME to make a choice.CHOOSE to be rich or poor right here, right now.If you want to be poorKeep thinking the way that you did that got you to where you are today, broke, busted and disgusted withlifeORCHANGE the way you think, and start turning those thoughts into actions on a DAILY basis that willTRANSFORM you into the person you are meant to be!Do You Want To Be Rich Or Poor?Choose Now.
  • 3. YES! I want to be rich JamesConnect me with your millionaire friends inside your inner circle right now!Connect With Me!James GodinRich or Poor, Youre Still A BadAss Rock$tar To Me!Work With Me DirectlyFriend Me On Facebook!Follow Me On Twitter!Chat With Me On Skype: Jimag87


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