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Sofias Ave., 115 28 Athens, tel.: 210 728 1000, fax: 210 728 1111</p><p>Consulting Editor - Communications Manager</p><p>Tina Toribaba</p><p>tina.toribaba@hilton.com</p><p>PubliShEr - DirECTOr</p><p>Vangelis Chaniotakis</p><p>vangelis@vagmamd.com</p><p>CrEATiVE DirECTOr </p><p>Antonis Meimaroglou</p><p>www.antmeimaroglou.gr</p><p>EDiTOr-in-ChiEf</p><p>Thanassis Toloudis</p><p>COnTribuTOrS</p><p>Elena Kaklamanou, Mia Kollia, Vangelis Korros, Giorgos Mitropoulos, Alexandros Oikonomou, </p><p>Katerina Papageorgiou, Eleni Perpinia, Marina Protonotariou, Giorgos rizopoulos, Kelly Stavropoulou, Ainola Terzopoulou, Michaela Theofilou</p><p>ADVErTiSinG DEPArTMEnT</p><p>Margarita Pinioti</p><p>210 282 7823 6937 101342</p><p>margarita@vagmamd.com</p><p>COPy EDiTOr niki Stathia, Vicky Valanos</p><p>TrAnSlATiOn Ellie Spanos</p><p>PhOTOGrAPhErS</p><p>ioanna hatziandreou (This is not Another Agency), Giorgos Kaplanidis (This is not Another Agency), Dimitris Karteris, Vangelis Korros, Vangelis Kyris, </p><p>Katerina Kotti, Dimitris Skoulos, Takis Spyropoulos, Kostas Stavropoulos, Stefanos Zaoussis</p><p>fAShiOn EDiTOrS </p><p>Dimitris Grammaticoyiannis, nicholas Georgiou</p><p> VaGMa MedIa deVelopMent </p><p>2, Pirakanthon Str., 136 77 Varimbombi, Athens</p><p>tel.: 210 282 7823, fax: 210 816 9871, www.vagmamd.com</p><p>This magazine is distributed free of charge. </p><p>nothing appearing in the hilton Athens Magazine may be reprinted, reproduced or transmitted, either in whole or in part </p><p>by any electronic or mechanical means, without prior written permission from the publisher. </p><p>ionian hotel Enterprises SA and VAGMA Media Development does not necessarily share the opinions expressed in the hilton Athens Magazine.</p><p>ze</p><p>gn</p><p>a.c</p><p>om</p><p>aTH</p><p>en</p><p>S, </p><p>24 V</p><p>ou</p><p>ko</p><p>ur</p><p>eS</p><p>Tio</p><p>u S</p><p>Tr</p><p>., g</p><p>oLD</p><p>en</p><p> Ha</p><p>LL, </p><p>37a</p><p> kif</p><p>iSS</p><p>iaS</p><p> aV.</p><p>Ne</p><p>w O</p><p>pe</p><p>NiN</p><p>g: </p><p>TH</p><p>eS</p><p>SA</p><p>LO</p><p>NiK</p><p>i, 5</p><p> MiT</p><p>r. </p><p>iOS</p><p>if &amp;</p><p> pr</p><p>. 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ATHENS: Hotel Intercontinental MYKONOS: Tria Pigadia SANTORINI: boutique opening spring 2015telephone 2103250555 boutique.athens@chopardgreece.gr </p><p>Also available at Boutiques in Athens</p><p>www.kassis.net</p><p>002LunarOne_230x300_Kassis 19.3.15.indd 1 19.03.15 15:16</p></li><li><p>26 hilton athens</p><p>EDiTOriAl</p><p>by Bart van de WinkelGeneral Manager of the Hilton Athens</p><p>EASTEr IS MorE ThAN A SIGNIFICANT orThoDox religious feast in </p><p>Greece, particularly in rural areas. it is both an important opportunity for spiritual </p><p>and psychological exhilaration after the challenges of winter and an allegorical </p><p>celebration of spring. Just as Christ defeats death and is resurrected, nature is </p><p>reborn when winter gives way to spring and hardship succumbs to plenitude.</p><p>in Greece, symbolism, religious and otherwise, go hand in hand with </p><p>practicality and real life. Karolos Koun, arguably the greatest man in Greek </p><p>theater, was well acquainted with this fact. he was responsible for the revival </p><p>and establishment theater of the art in its current form. Through exhaustive </p><p>work with his actors, he awakened the symbolism of Ancient drama and </p><p>presented works that astounded audiences and critics alike, as they were able </p><p>to identify aspects of real life in his interpretation of theatrical plays.</p><p>German director fatih Akin, who has Turkish roots, is also able to skillfully </p><p>combine symbolism and reality. This time, however, he chose a straightforward </p><p>manner to depict a sensitive issue for his fellow countrymen: the Armenian </p><p>genocide. The Cut could almost be defined as a documentary, and the </p><p>director spoke to us in depth about the film and the relationship between the </p><p>Greeks and Turks, which is much better than many believe it to be. </p><p>in addition to symbolism, people also need heroes. And when things get </p><p>really difficult, they need superheroes. We sought out the best comic book </p><p>shops in the city, which are flourishing again thanks to the cinema. What does </p><p>it matter that they are made of paper? They are an invaluable escape from </p><p>everyday life sought after by people of all ages.</p><p>This issue also features interviews with Panagiotis Tetsis, one of the most </p><p>important contemporary greek artists, and talented actors, Zeta Douka and </p><p>Christos loulis, all of whom discuss their unique form of artistic expression. </p><p>We are proud to have welcomed them to the hilton Athens and to have had </p><p>the opportunity to hear about their interesting plans for the future.</p><p> . -</p><p> , </p><p> . , -</p><p> .</p><p> , , , </p><p> , . </p><p> , </p><p> , -</p><p> . </p><p> , </p><p> , -</p><p> .</p><p>. , , -</p><p> , -</p><p>. , </p><p> , -</p><p> , , .</p><p> , . </p><p> , -</p><p>. , </p><p> , . -</p><p>; </p><p> .</p><p> , </p><p>, </p><p> , </p><p> . -</p><p> hilton -</p><p> .</p><p>T</p><p>Athens: Voukourestiou 21, tel.2103628003 Mykonos: Tria Pigadia, tel.2289022922info@fmathens.com</p><p>www.kassis.net</p><p>Also available at Boutiques in Athens</p></li><li><p>athens hilton 2928 hilton athens</p><p> 2015, </p><p> , . : </p><p>. 2010-2014 </p><p>&amp; . , 27 -</p><p> , -</p><p> . , </p><p> , .</p><p> 1925. -</p><p> 1940 Klaus frislander, </p><p> -</p><p>-. 14 1939 -</p><p> , </p><p> . </p><p> . -</p><p> . </p><p> . </p><p>. , , </p><p> . , -</p><p> -. </p><p> . . </p><p> , .</p><p> '30 -</p><p> . , -</p><p> , . -</p><p> , -</p><p> .</p><p>ThE P TETSIS: LANDSCAPES (2010-2014) ExhIbITIoN opens in May 2015 </p><p>at the b &amp; M Theocharakis foundation for the fine Arts and Music. The artist will </p><p>be premiering 27 of his newest monumental paintings, which reveal the strength </p><p>of his personal post-impressionistic seascape tradition and artistic conquests. </p><p>These imaginative works, which mainly depict scenes from the islands of hydra </p><p>and the "Santorini" landscape, are in oil and india ink.</p><p>Panagiotis Tetsis was born on hydra in 1925. he studied painting in 1940 under </p><p>Klaus fislander, and his career path was later greatly influenced by his meetings </p><p>with Dimitris Pikionis, a major Greek architect and nikos hadjikyriakos-Ghikas, a </p><p>leading Greek painter. "i was 14 years old in 1939, and because hydra did not have </p><p>a secondary school, i was forced to leave the island and go to Piraeus to attend </p><p>classes. i returned to hydra every summer, leaving some of my paintings with my </p><p>grandmother. There was a small church next to her house and my grandmother </p><p>was given access so she could light the candle and clean it. One day, a gentleman </p><p>asked her if she had the key, as he wanted to see the church. She realized that </p><p>he had something to do with painting and showed him my work. Afterwards, </p><p>he told her he would be back that afternoon with hadjikyriakos to meet me. To </p><p>make a long story short, the two men were Pikionis and hadjikyriakos-Ghikas. </p><p>They had high praise for my work. That was how it all began. A kind word is </p><p>enough to encourage you to start taking an idea seriously", recounts the artist.</p><p>Tetsis and color are inextricably linked and this symbiotic relationship is reflected </p><p>in his personality. he is perhaps the only Greek painter born in the '30s to capture </p><p>life with such vibrant colors. Other painters of his generation were influenced by </p><p>the bavarian School and didn't express themselves with bright colors. Tetsis, on </p><p>the other hand, was influenced by the Greek reality and the strong Greek light.</p><p>Takis Mavrotas, the curator of the exhibition and director of the visual arts </p><p>Greek LiGht</p><p>T</p><p> , , kai . </p><p>Panagiotis tetsis, one of the most imPortant contemPorary greek artists, who caPtures the beauty of the greek landscaPe in his Paintings, is Presenting his most recent works in athens this may. by alexandros oikonomou </p><p>o o o. / panagiotis tetsis at work.</p></li><li><p>30 hilton athens</p><p> &amp; , , </p><p>: , 2010-2014, </p><p> -</p><p> , </p><p> . , , </p><p> . -</p><p> . </p><p> , </p><p>. , -</p><p> . </p><p> , </p><p> , -</p><p> -</p><p> . </p><p> , -</p><p> . , -</p><p>, </p><p> . </p><p> , -</p><p> .</p><p> : </p><p> &amp; , </p><p> 9 &amp; 1, , .: 210 361 1206, www.thf.gr</p><p>program of the b &amp; M Theocharakis foundation, describes the artist and his </p><p>works: "With his recent work (2010-2014), Tetsis continues to integrate his </p><p>skill and sensitivity, and his focus is to produce paintings featuring the staggering, </p><p>harsh yet redemptive Greek light. Once again, the Saronic Gulf and hydra form </p><p>the spark for his creativity. These landscapes fill his soul and bring tension to </p><p>his paintings. he always begins with a rough sketch on the blank white canvas, </p><p>a memory and the spirit of freedom in his approach to realizing his vision. An </p><p>experienced mystic of the arts, he dares to fluctuate between vibrant colours </p><p>and the contemplative silence of black. he often uses warm ochres and all shades </p><p>of gray - with a strong tendency towards simplicity, emphasizing the contrast </p><p>between the freedom of his gestural expression and the deeply intense colors </p><p>he favors. he is passionately dedicated to the aesthetic harmony of the painting </p><p>and his colors retain their brightness, liveliness and authenticity. The verve of </p><p>his brush strokes, the embossed texture, and the kinetic luminosity reveal the </p><p>underlying strength of his work and draw the eye of viewers to the boldness of </p><p>his brush and powerful tones. Take his seascapes for example, with saturated </p><p>colors stretching as far as the extreme limits of the horizon".</p><p>Curator: Takis Mavrotas</p><p>b &amp; M Theocharakis foundation for the fine Arts and Music, 9 Vasilissis </p><p>Sofia Av. &amp; 1 Merlin St., Athens, Tel: 210 361 1206, www.thf.gr</p><p> , 2008-2009. / "detouring tselvinia", 2008-2009.</p><p> , 2012. / Untitled, 2012.</p><p>1465_1_1_adv_Fifty_Fathoms_240x330_AN.indd 1 28.11.13 16:00</p></li><li><p>athens hilton 3332 hilton athens</p><p> 1908, , </p><p> , </p><p> . -</p><p> , -</p><p> . </p><p> , </p><p> , , -</p><p> !</p><p> , . </p><p>, , , </p><p>, ! </p><p> , , </p><p> . -</p><p>, , </p><p> . , </p><p> , , </p><p> , . </p><p> . -</p><p> , -</p><p> , </p><p>, , ! </p><p> - </p><p> - , , </p><p> , </p><p>, , , .</p><p>borN IN 1908 IN bUrSA(TUrKEy), hE GrEw UP IN CoNSTANTINoPLE, </p><p>studied at the Sorbonne in Paris, received many offers to take up important </p><p>positions, but ultimately decided to pursue a career in Athens. Despite being </p><p>received with scorn and derision in Greece, he turned down all other proposals </p><p>to direct at larger theatres in Europe and the united States. The only invitation </p><p>he accepted was one from the royal Shakespeare Company of England to </p><p>direct romeo and Juliet in Stratford-upon-Avon. british theatre critics hailed the </p><p>production as the best Shakespearean performance of the decade!</p><p>his family was very wealthy but was, nonetheless perpetually bankrupt. his father </p><p>was a charlatan and womanizer - one day he would ride around in a limousine </p><p>and the next sneak away with household valuables so they couldnt be seized </p><p>by creditors! his father was Jewish and of German-Polish descent, while his </p><p>mother was Greek Orthodox. he was raised with the aroma of Viennese coffee </p><p>that symbolized a Western way of life, as well as the rose petals used to make </p><p>traditional Greek rose sweet preserves. </p><p>Koun grew up in an urban home, with a Prussian-German governess, a priest </p><p>and a piano teacher, but always yearned for the warmth and spontaneity of </p><p>the common man. </p><p>his childhood was isolated and he was excluded by his peers. As an adolescent, </p><p>he boarded at robert College in Turkey, and at his fathers instigation later settled </p><p>in Paris and studied anything that took my fancy, provided it was related to the </p><p>Arts! it is interesting to note that soon after his affluent fathers invitation to join </p><p>him in france, a new bankruptcy resulted in Karolos sleeping on park benches in </p><p>the City of light - homeless but happy to be surrounded by the rodin Museum, </p><p>the impressionists, Matisse, Van Gogh, Gauguin and braque.</p><p>the Genius Artist</p><p> . , , . / : </p><p>karolos koun was one of the most imPortant theatre Personalities in greece. although details before he founded the art theatre are sParse, his entire life was interwoven with the theatre, his teaching methods were unusual and his Performances ePic and transcendent. b...</p></li></ul>