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NAME Muhammad Aqib Arif

Roll class Assignment 107 BSSE P.S

Before I go in future, first of all Id like to mention a short history of Pakistan. History of Pakistan

Pakistan emerged on the world map as an independent sovereign state in August 1947, as a result of the division of the British Indian Empire. With a land area of 796,095 sq. km. [including FATA (Federal Administered Tribal Areas) and FANA (Federal Administered Northern Areas)], its population stands at nearly 172.80 million, according to the 2008 Census. Historically, this is one of the most ancient lands known to man. Its cities flourished before Babylon was built; its people

practiced the art of good living and citizenship before the celebrated ancient Greeks. The region traces its history back to at least 2,500 years before Christ, when a highly developed civilization flourished in the Indus Valley. Excavations at Harappa, Mohenjodaro and Kot Diji have brought to light evidence of an advanced civilization flourishing here even in most ancient times. Around 1,500 B.C. the Aryans conquered this region and slowly pushed the Hindu inhabitants further east, towards the Ganges Valley. Later, the Persians occupied the northern regions in 5th century B.C. The Greeks came in 327 B.C., under Alexander of Macedonia, and ran through the region like a meteor. In 712 A.D. the Arabs, led by Mohammed Bin Qasim, landed somewhere near what is now Karachi, and ruled the lower half of Pakistan for two hundred years. During this time Islam took root and influenced the life, culture and traditions of the inhabitants of the region.

From 10th century A.D. onwards, a systematic conquest of Indo-Pakistan by the Muslims from Central Asia began and lasted up to 18th century A.D., when the British colonized the Sub-continent and ruled for nearly 200 years (for 100 years over what is now Pakistan). The Muslim revival began towards the end of the last century when Sir Syed

Ahmed Khan, a renowned leader and educationist, launched a movement for intellectual renaissance of the Indian Muslims. In 1930, the well-known poet/philosopher, Dr. Mohammed Iqbal conceived the idea of a separate state for the Muslims of the Subcontinent, and in 1940, the All-India Muslim League adopted the famous Pakistan Resolution. After seven years of untiring struggle, under the brilliant leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah, Pakistan emerged on the world map as a sovereign state on August 14, 1947, when the British Indian Empire was partitioned into two independent states India and Pakistan.

Pakistan is the most beautiful and great place. Quaid-e-Azam laid the foundation of Pakistan and atlast Pakistan came into being after innumerable sacrifices. Actually the foundation of Pakistan was laid on the very first day when first Indian embraced ISLAM. the plan of political struggle was drawn up in 1940 and It WAS translated into reality after a short span of time Pakistan came into being on 14th of August 1947 .The period of seven years continuous struggle can not be over emphasized as it is marked with uphill struggle and innumerable sacrifices. Quade-azam said that everyone has equal rights over here .if anyone wants to go masjid , temple or church so you may go because this is your Pakistan and you are not bound , you free to

go your homes. Quaid more said to young generation that you are the future of Pakistan and its now your duty to protect it. If we remember this all so our enthusiasm can awake to protect our Pakistan from terrorism and corruption and then when we will be united so after 5 years Pakistan will be touching the sky .but if we see current position of Pakistan so we have nothing to see instead of bomb blasting, corruption, inflation, unemployment and etc so if situation remains same so no one can save Pakistan and it will be the big cause of destruction of Pakistan but in opposite to it if we come forward to work for Pakistan as our forefathers did before us so we can again come back in our independent lives. Because Pakistan was achieved after lots of precious sacrifices and if we keep this thing in mind so after passage of 5 years we will see new prospered Pakistan standing before us. Pakistan is being defamed on the name of few traitors and few political leaders because they are dancing on the policies of America and Pakistan is going in dark. if this situation remains same so Pakistan might have been demolished by America and then we will be again dependant on others and our struggle might see the side of an end. But if corruption goes down in Pakistan and leaders become sincere with there duties so no one can snatch Pakistan and we will see prosperity of Pakistan but the condition is that nation and leaders of Pakistan must be united and sincere with there duties but at present ,the people of Pakistan are dying and fighting with each other due to poverty ,inflation, unemployment ,and terror. If it continuous till 5 years more so Pakistan might lose its position and might be on the top of the black list of countries so before this bad event happens, any bold person should come forward to lead Pakistan on the right path as Quaid-e-Azam did sincerely for Pakistan so after 5 years Pakistan will be shining on the sky.

May Allah bless Pakistan!


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