"Where In The World is Soope da Roadrunna?" Official Press Release


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  • 1. Official Press ReleaseThe highways of Indiana have more than Willey Coyotes hunting down this roadrunna. Few know that Indiana is more than farmlands and smoke stacks. Thegrim in the streets is far worse then whats coming out of those smoke stacks.Indiana is home to some of the most ruthless Vice Lord, Crips, Blood andMexican Gang sets in America. They want to know how to stay alive in thestreets amongst the traps and pitfalls of a broken society and how to stay aheadof the rat race. Only he has the answer to the streets of Indiana, but he has usasking one question; "Where in the world is Soope Da RoadRunna".Soope Da RoadRunnas latest mixtape features rhymes about a landscape thatfew know exist. Soopes real life stories and fluent flow keeps listeners engagedfrom beginning to end. Many of todays top artist have blessed Soope withcontributions to this mixtape release. Notable names featured on "Where in theworld is Soope Da RoadRunna" included Rick Ross, Ice-T, DMX, The Game,Twista, Erik Sermon, Ric Jilla and Chamillinare."Where In The World Is Soope" also features a first for Soope; he used hisdynamic flow to showcase luxury watch maker Azad Watches Inc newestcollection "Legends of the Game". This song has already created an industry buzzand new opportunities for Soope. After hearing the song reality televisionproducers, Platinum Heaven Productions & Media, Inc., commissioned Soopeto write and produce their theme song for their latest show entitled, ReggieMartin Style.If youd like more information about this project, or to schedule an interview withSoope Da RoadRunna, please contact CEDRIC KING :(973) 960.1958Cedric@azadwatch.com.