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<ul><li><p>Where Does it Go? seattle.gov/util/wheredoesitgo206-684-3000</p><p>North Transfer Station1350 N 34th Street</p><p>Seattle, WA 98103</p><p>South Transfer Station130 South Kenyon Street</p><p>Seattle, WA 98108</p><p>Hours &amp; Information seattle.gov/util/myservices 206-684-8400</p><p>Transfer Stations</p><p>Appliances Drop off at Transfer Station. (Fees apply)</p><p> Pick up. Call 206-684-3000 to schedule, call must be made by the SPU bill payer. (Fees apply)</p><p> Drop off for donation and reuse. (Free) Working appliances may be accepted atthrift stores.</p><p>Batteries &amp; Cell PhonesRechargeable batteries and cell phones: Drop off at stores or Household Hazardous Waste (HHW). (Free)</p><p>Locations: Call2Recycle.org, HazWasteHelp.org Alkaline batteries: Drop off to recycle at HHW. (Free) Accepted in garbage.</p><p>Building Materials Drop off for donation and reuse at building </p><p>supply salvage businesses. (Free)</p><p>Locations: SecondUse, Earthwise, &amp; Ballard ReUse Check store websites for accepted materials. </p><p> Drop off at Transfer Station. (Fees apply)</p><p>Bulky Items Drop off at Transfer Station. (Fees apply) Pick up. Call 206-684-3000 to schedule, </p><p>call must be made by the SPU bill payer. (Fees apply) </p><p> Drop off for donation and reuse. (Free) Clean, working items may be accepted atthriftstores.</p><p>Furniture Drop off reusable items for donation </p><p>at thrift stores. (Free) Pick up. Call 206-684-3000 to schedule, </p><p>call must be made by the SPU bill payer. (Fees apply) </p><p> Drop off at Transfer Station. (Fees apply)</p><p>Household Goods Drop off reusable items for </p><p>donation at thrift stores. (Free)</p><p> Put unusable items in garbage.</p><p>Mattresses Pick up. Call 206-684-3000 to schedule, </p><p>call must be made by the SPU bill payer. (Fees apply)</p><p> Drop off at Transfer Station. (Fees apply)</p><p>Used OilPut cooking and motor oil in separate 1-gallon plasticjugs labeled with your name and address.</p><p> Oil pick up on recycling collection day. (Free) Set out up to 2 gallons with your carts.</p><p>Clothes/ Textiles Drop off reusable items at thrift stores. (Free)</p><p> Damaged items can also be dropped off at participating Threadcycle thrift stores. (Free)</p><p>Locations: kingcounty.gov/threadcycle</p><p>Electronics Drop off for recycling or reuse. </p><p>Televisions, computers, laptops and computermonitorsaccepted. (Free) Check website for other acceptable items. (Fees may apply)Locations: ecyclewashington.org</p><p>Light BulbsUnbroken florescent tubes, compact fluorescent and mercury bulbs accepted.</p><p> Drop off for recycling. (Free)</p><p>Locations: lightrecycle.org</p><p>Medicine &amp; Syringes Do not flush down the toilet or put in the garbage. Drop off over-the-counter and </p><p>prescriptionmedications. (Free)Locations: medicinereturn.org</p><p> Drop off sharps and syringes. (Free)Locations: seattle.gov/util/wheredoesitgo</p><p>Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Products marked CAUTION, WARNING, DANGER, or POISON may require hazardous materialdisposal. </p><p>SafeDisposal Information and Drop off Locations:Call 206-296-4692 or visit HazWasteHelp.org</p><p>NOT ALLOWED IN GARBAGE, REC YCLING OR FOOD &amp; YARD WASTE.</p><p>206-684-3000 seattle.gov/util/wheredoesitgo</p><p>Customer Service</p><p>Give all your clothes, shoes and linensfor reuse or recycling</p><p>Sponsored by:King County &amp; Seattle Public Utilities</p><p> @SeattleSPU @SeattlePublicUtilitiesSouth HHW </p><p>North HHW</p><p>South Transfer Station </p><p>North Transfer Station </p></li><li><p>Recycle Garbage</p><p>seattle.gov/util/wheredoesitgoWhere Does it Go? 206-684-3000</p><p>Food &amp; Compost</p><p>No Plastic. No Glass. No Metal. No Plastic Bags. No Animal Waste. No Rocks.</p><p>No Food. No Yard Waste. No Recyclables. No Hazardous Waste.</p><p>Clean Recyclables Only. No Food. No Liquid. No Single Plastic Bags.</p><p>Non-Recyclable Paper &amp; Plastic</p><p>Foam Trays &amp; Containers</p><p>Non-Recyclable Glass and Other Garbage</p><p>Clean Glass &amp; Metal Scrap Metal</p><p>Food-Soiled Paper (without shiny coating)</p><p>Approved Compostable Packaging &amp; Bags</p><p>Yard Waste, Plants, Untreated Wood</p><p>Lids(3 inches or wider)</p><p>(empty plastic bottles, with cap on)</p><p>(no shredded plastic)</p><p>(bagged plastic bags)</p><p>(diapers) (wipes)</p><p>(produce stickers) (food-soiled foil)</p><p>(empty cans &amp; dried paint)</p><p>(bagged packing peanuts)</p><p>Kitchen Grease</p><p>(bagged pet waste)</p><p>All Food Waste Clean Paper &amp; Cardboard</p><p>CAN IT, COOL IT, TRASH IT.</p><p>(lids, caps &amp; tops less than 3 inches wide)</p><p>(plastic coated paper)</p><p>Clean Plastics</p><p>(less than 2 feet x 2 feet x 2 feet)(Less than 4 feet long and4inches thick)</p><p>(less than 3 feet x 3 feet x 3 feet)</p><p>(empty toxic containers)</p><p>(single plastic bags)</p><p>(beige foam trays)</p><p>(rigid plastic containers)</p><p>Recyclable GarbageRecyclable Garbage</p></li></ul>


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