When Would Your Subscribers Like To Receive Emails?

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<ul><li><p>Rather than sending email campaigns when it suits you, think about when your </p><p>subscribers would like to read your emails. </p><p>We all have busy lives and we all need to be somewhere at a certain time. Therefore timing is </p><p>everything, especially when you are trying to make the most out of an opportunity. </p><p>Email marketing has enabled businesses to get their message across to a previously unthought-of of </p><p>global audience quickly and cheaply at their own convenience. The tools available have made this </p><p>process effortless; however, when you have created a successful campaign are you sending out </p><p>emails when its convenient for you, or for your audience? </p><p>Your subscribers have opted in to receive information from you, because they want to. They want to </p><p>hear what you have to say and what you can give to them. Its important for subscribers to receive </p><p>email campaigns when they want to, not when its convenient for you to send them. Too many </p><p>campaigns are sent out in the early hours of the morning, when people are asleep. Emails sent out at </p><p>this time are likely to be caught by SPAM filters too. </p><p>Consider this scenario. Lets say Bob, your typical </p><p>customer, works 9-5 at Sainsburys. They have a </p><p>smart phone which they carry with all the time. But </p><p>it is locked away whilst they are working. During </p><p>their lunch break, anytime between 12 and 2 they </p><p>enjoying surfing the internet or playing games on </p><p>their smart phone, and they are likely to do this </p><p>before and after work. </p><p>This scenario tells you important information about </p><p>when your typical customer might be available to </p><p>receive emails. </p><p>With Emailer Gos time sends feature you can schedule to send your emails specifically at certain </p><p>times. Send out your campaign when your subscribers are most likely to be available for example, </p><p>before and after work (Before 9am or after 5pm). Your subscribers will have more time, be more </p><p>receptive and will respond favourably. </p></li></ul>