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  • 8/7/2019 When the Mind Serves the Heart


    A mind that serves the heart, applies its faculties of perception and reason to the beneficent

    intention of compassion, seeking avenues for the expression of loving kindness, in every thought

    and word. It overlooks distortions in reason and perception in the conscious recognition of the

    transcendent reality of perfection and innocence. It does not project, repress, attack or defend its

    perceptions, seeing itself and all it looks upon as invulnerable and complete in the Truth. Itserves the Will to Good, seeing itself and all beings as emanations of the One Life and knows

    that throughout humanity there is no place where error exists in reality. It recognizes the

    limitations of time-thought through which it functions, and therefore surrenders its authority to

    the timeless witness from which it derives its essence and in which it abides.

    Its practice of discernment is directed inward, in service to the souls intention for self-

    refinement. Its complete obedience to the will of the heart exalts its capacity for clear vision and

    expression, thereby mitigating the cognitive dissonance resulting from its inherent tendencies

    toward polarization and definition contraction. Its subordination to Love is the result of having

    recognized its own inability to apprehend absolute Truth through linear thought, to value

    goodness beyond ordered hierarchies, and to interpret meanings beyond memory and learnedknowledge.

    Its devotion to Love is the natural consequence of having turned its attention inward to observe

    the operations of cause and effect sequences, stemming from the quality of its prime directives. It

    has weighed the proportions of self-benefit derived from aiming its activities toward transient

    verses eternal values, concluding that its highest capacity for fulfillment comes from the highest

    altruistic intentions, which it in itself does not possess. It has done all this against its innate self-

    seeking nature, only because it has accurately calculated the maximum economy of its forces,

    recognizing the inability of egoic intentions to satisfy its highest needs for fulfillment. The

    promised glory of erudition is seen as mere vanity, the possibility for ontological certainty is seen

    as unreachable through temporal forms of investigation, and the daunting task of integrating thevast and seemingly divergent systems of the cosmos into a stable and consistent world view, is

    seen as being beyond its own capabilities. For this reason it is stunned, it is awakened, it is

    humbled, it is inspired to awe, and then it is refined, for the master of Love has upon His heart

    the crown of eternal glory, and we can serve but one master.

    for my brother,



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