when telemedicine does deliver!: telemedicine and diabetes management

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When Telemedicine Does Deliver!: Telemedicine and diabetes management. Schwarz P. eHealth week 2010 (Barcelona: CCIB Convention Centre; 2010)


  • 1. Telemedicine and diabetes management Prof. Dr. med. habil. Peter Schwarz Department for Prevention and Care University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus Dresden Chairmen Diabetes Prevention German Diabetes Association
  • 2. TIME to ACT - alarming facts 1. Type 2 diabetes and its cardiovascular complications are becoming more prevalent throughout the world. 2. The conditions and risk factors that precede type 2 diabetes have also increased substantially. These risk factors are well-known: obesity, central adiposity, physical inactivity and unhealthy diet. 3. At the time of diagnosis and the longer that diabetes exists, disease complications are more likely mostly CVD. 4. Prevention is the key: modifiable risk factors need to be addressed through effective interventions 5. Prevention of type 2 diabetes is effective and needs management
  • 3. Carus Consilium Sachsen (CCS) - geographic area It includes 4 regional districts and 1 district capital the city of Dresden. 16.03.2010
  • 4. Aged population 2006 with prospective development 2020 60,0 50,0 47.3 40,0 35.9 Ratio of the elderly Population 65+ years 30,0 jeweiligepopulation Overall Bevlkerungsvernderung in % of age compared to 18 to