when is buying cheap car insurance online not a good idea?

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  1. 1. When is Buying Cheap Car Insurance Online Not a Good Idea?
  2. 2. Buying cheap car insurance online seems like a good idea, but that may not always be the case. Auto insurance doesnt come in a one-size fits allWhat may be right for one driver may not be for another. If youre searching for cheap car insurance, you may want to consider the limitations before purchasing a policy that may be lacking in coverage or other benefits.
  3. 3. Discounts for Bundling Quite often you may not be able to bundle your various insurance policies if you buy your car insurance online. Obtaining your auto, homeowners or renters insurance coverage from the same insurer normally earns you a discount on all your policies.
  4. 4. When getting an online quote, its generally aimed at selling you auto insurance You may want to discuss your particular needs with an independent agent, who can help you compare and quote you a bundled price.
  5. 5. Insuring a Classic Car If you own a classic car or plan to buy one, youll need specialized auto insurance to make certain its properly coverednot cheap car insurance. Classic cars tend to spend most of their time in a garage a good part of the year, you could be entitled to a discount for low miles driven.
  6. 6. Uncomfortable Shopping Online In order to find a good deal, youll have to spend time searching, comparing quotes, and filling out form after form with your information as you click away. You want to avoid that? Find a local independent agent and schedule a meeting.
  7. 7. Unsure How Much Coverage You Need Searching for online car insurance quotes is an excellent way for drivers who know exactly what they want or need to purchase a policy If youre in the dark about how much is the right amount. Thats when youll be much better off contacting an independent agent to discuss your needs.
  8. 8. Additional Discounts There are definite advantages to dealing with an agent rather than surfing the internet for low cost auto insurance that may not offer the discounts you might otherwise be eligible for. Some of these discounts can include: taking a defensive driving class, lower rates for short commutes, good grades discount for your teenage driver.
  9. 9. Ease of Making a Claim Filing an insurance claim following an accident can be complicated. Having a nearby claims center and an agent youre already acquainted with can make the process a lot smoother and less stressful.
  10. 10. While shopping for cheap car insurance online works for some drivers, it may not be for everyone. Think about your needs, discounts you may be eligible for, and how much coverage youre able to afford. Then, you can make the proper decision.
  11. 11. Another good decision is making sure youre getting the best rate on your auto insurance. Why not get a free auto insurance quote today?
  12. 12. Contact Us If you need to get low cost insurance contact us for a free quote.