When Does A Person Need A Root Canal Treatment

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  1. 1. +When Does A Person Need A Root Canal TreatmentBy Rosa Dental
  2. 2. +Root Canal Treatments Root canals are suggested by adentist or endodonists. Can occur when tooth decay hasadvanced enough to damage orkill a tooth. They are also suggested whenan abscess appears about atooth. The procedure helps to relievetoothache, stop infections, andpromote healing.
  3. 3. +About The Procedure During the procedure thedentist or endodonist willnumb the gums with a jellysubstance. The gel numbs the gum lineand makes the proceduremore comfortable. After the gums are numb thedentist or endodnist will injecta local anesthetic into the gumline to numb the teeth, gums,tongue and skin near theinfected tooth area.
  4. 4. +During the Procedure The dentist separates the decayed tooth from the other teethusing a small sheet of rubber on a metal frame. The rubber sheet protects as well as stops liquid and toothchips from entering the mouth and throat. After that the dentist uses a small drill and other tools toremove the pulp from the inside of the tooth.
  5. 5. +During The Procedure Once the pulp is removed thedentist fills the inside part of thetooth with medicine, temporaryfilling materials and root canalfilling. To help protect the nowweakened tooth the dentist willusually install a permanent fillingor a crown.
  6. 6. +After The Procedure After the anesthetic wears off throbbingpain may occur. The pain can be treated with painkillerssuch as ibuprofen, acetaminophen, orsomething prescribed by a doctor. If the tooth has an infection you may needto take antibiotics before and after theprocedure.