whats new in joomla 3.5 & whats coming in future

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What’s new in Joomla 3.5 & what’s coming in future Presented by Tim Plummer Joomla User Group Sydney 12 th April 2016

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Whats new in Joomla 3.5 & whats coming in future

Whats new in Joomla 3.5 & whats coming in futurePresented by Tim PlummerJoomla User Group Sydney12th April 2016

Do more with Joomla 3.5

34 new features

PHP7 SupportSimply changing the PHP version to 7 can make your Joomla site run up to 50% faster

Drag & Drop images in TinyMCENote, it does not resize image

Drag & Drop upload folderImages added via drag & drop are automatically uploaded to the root images folderCan change this in TinyMCE editor plugin

More about drag & drop imagesImage inserted wherever the text cursor isUpload bar turns red if image couldnt be uploadedIf you upload image with same filename as existing image, then upload is cancelledBlank spaces in filename replaced with underscore


Make sure you enable statsIf you didnt, you can manually enable plugin

Emoji supportYou can now use emoji in Joomla

May need to change database collation to UTF-8 Multibyte (can use Akeeba Admin tools to do this)

Benefits of Emoji SupportUTF8MB4 can make Joomla increasingly multi-lingual with support for more Asian languagesBig security improvement (according to Nicholas)the zero day attack in December 17th 2015 would have been avoided (session attack)

Update Email PluginSite will notify you when updates are available

Download system infoHandy for support

Protostar template custom CSSthe template now automatically checks for a custom.css file (wont be overwritten on update)Does anyone really use Protostar?Probably very few, but it is good reference if you want to build your own template (just like com_weblinks is for extension developers)

Count itemsMakes Joomla even more intuitive

Backwards Compatibility Break the String class has been renamed to StringHelper (for PHP 7 support)How this affects you?Some extensions might need minor code change, so make sure you update to latest version

More techy features not well marketedAdditional Cache HandlersJoomla 3.5 adds native support for APCuCryptography ImprovementsJCrypt::genRandomBytes() is now a wrapper around PHP 7's random_bytes() functionJCrypt::timingSafeCompare() method, which now wraps PHP 5.6's hash_equals() functionA new JCryptCipher is added as a secure alternative for all pre-existing JCryptCipher classeshttps://www.babdev.com/blog/169-joomla-3-5-features-you-won-t-hear-about

More techy features not well marketedTest Infrastructure Improvementsseveral improvements were made to the automated testing infrastructure of Joomla codeMore Overridable MarkupJFormField itself now supports the use of the JLayout renderer to enable form fields to be overridden

Whats coming in future

Joomla Roadmaphttps://developer.joomla.org/cms/roadmap.html

Joomla 3.6New routermake routing both more flexible and more reliableGet rid of ids from URLAvoid search engines indexing the same content with multiple URLshttps://www.indiegogo.com/projects/advance-the-joomla-url-router#/

Custom fieldsDP Fields in corehttps://github.com/joomla-projects/custom-fieldshttps://joomla.digital-peak.com/blog/198-custom-fields-in-joomla-3-6

Joomla 3.6Web Services (hypermedia API)https://docs.joomla.org/Web_Services_Working_Group

Joomla 3.7New media managerManipulate images in Joomla

Joomla 3 ArchitectureComponents in silos. In process of decoupling from core


Currently functions scattered throughout code.

Leads to lots of duplicationDifficult for 3rd party extensions to take advantage of these core featuresJoomla 3 Architecture

Joomla 4 AritectureAim to separate into distinct horizontal components

Joomla 4 ArchitectureUltimately core features will disappear into background, and automatically be available to every component

Orthogonal architecture

How we will get to Joomla 4https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfLdv6vKiBI

When might all this all happen?