What's new about Pluronic polyols?

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KEY CHEMICALS FROM WYANDOTTE What's new about Pluronic polyols? PlPHflf | N e w u s e s a r e D e mS found in industry for r I v l l l j f members of this proven series of polyols almost continuously. The series has been recently expanded from 28 to 32 related difunctional block-polymers terminating in primary hydroxyl groups with molecular weights ranging from 1,000 to over 16,000. Almost any ratio of hydrophobe to hydro-phile, of course, is still possible . . . allowing a wide range of physical and surface active properties. So, in a nutshell, you have an even greater number of members to choose from to enable you to improve your end product by eliminating an undesirable property, or by add-ing a desirable oneor doing both. And we have kept pace with this growth of the Pluronic series by publishing a new Pluronic Grid (our fifth). It con-tinues the predictability of the expanded series . . . enables you to pick the properties you want and choose the grade, or combination of grades, that will most closely fit your application; minimizes costly trial and error testing. The Pluronic series is nonionic and 100% active in all forms . . . there are grades that will provide foam control; act as emulsifiers and demulsifiers; improve wetting and detergency; act as binders, stabilizers, dispersing agents and chemical intermediates; some grades may also be used to provide non-toxic ringing gels. An evaluation, made easy by our Grid, will give you a full realization of the benefits Pluronic polyols can offer you for products ranging from aerosols to cleaners, from cos-metics to shampoos, from textiles to paints. Would you like to know how the Pluronic picture can be applied to your needs? Mail the coupon below. WYAIM DOTTE CHEMICALS INDUSTRIAL CHEMICALS GROUP WYANDOTTE CHEMICALS CORPORATION DEPARTMENT 486 WYANDOTTE, MICHIGAN 48192 ADDRESS-Please send: Q Pluronic Grid; Q Toxicity Data; O Samples and data sheets for the following application O Have your representative call. Request is for Q immediate use; Q use within 6 months; O reference only. 24 C&EN NAME FIRM -TITLE PHONE ZIP What's new about Pluronic polyols?