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<ul><li><p>What Will Office Carpets Be Like in 100 Years? </p><p> The world is changing quickly. Everything seems to be moving at the speed of light. There are new developments and new technology everywhere you look. People rely on more gadgets than ever before; our homes are changing. Work and offices are transforming into something that our grandparents would hardly recognise. And technological developments are not limited to gadgets. Products and decor that you wouldnt even imagine being high-tech are certainly being produced that way now. Carpets, for example, are changing and evolving quite rapidly. New trends and ways of manufacturing influence advancements. You might not think that you would recognise carpets, especially office carpets in 100 years. Or would you? This is what we think office carpets will be like in 100 years. </p></li><li><p>Carpets Will Be Fully Recyclable There is a lot of pressure on businesses, especially manufacturing businesses to reduce strain on the environment any way they can. Its important all the way through the lifecycle of products - in their development, and at their demise. One of the biggest pushes comes at the recycling end. The more that products can be reused or recycled, the more valuable they become. Rather than taking up space in landfills, we expect all carpets to be recyclable. At the moment, parts of most carpets can be recycled into raw material. The components that cant break down are usually suitable for incineration. And, there is even one carpet, Beta Tech, that is 100% recyclable already. Clearly, it is leading the trend. Production Will Be Almost Waste-Free Resources are always consumed in the manufacture of anything. Carpets require several materials as well as electricity and water in the manufacturing process. Thats normal - and its unlikely to change. But, it might just be possible to create carpeting using less of these resources. The industry is already working on ways to do just that. After all, the less that needs to go into production, the more sustainable the process - and the less expensive it becomes. Carpets also create a certain amount of waste in the manufacturing process. Broadloom carpeting is especially susceptible to wastage. We expect that carpets, even broadloom carpets will be virtually waste-free in 100 years. If you want that now, we suggest you look at just about any carpet tile for your office floors; theyre already most of the way there. A Rich Variety of Colours Colour is a means of customising a space, any space. It can be dark, light, bright or neutral; changing the hue of your office will transform the way it feels entirely. And, although futuristic movies and shows always seem to opt for monochromatic and bold colour palettes, we dont think that people will lose their desire for colour. Just think of how much more rich and vibrant The Wizard of Oz was when it switched to Technicolor. Were certain that the office carpets of the future will be vibrant. We expect a rich variety of colours as businesses choose to express themselves through the light and tones they use. Just take a look at all the carpets available on the market today, and you can see just where its going. </p></li><li><p>Carpets Will Be Incredibly Stain Resistant One of the most important parts of the current tech revolution is making life that much easier for busy people. Sure, at the moment, it can feel as though were inundated with options for simplifying life. But, the speed is likely to slow. All the same, you can only bet that everything will be easier to clean and care for. That will certainly include carpets. After all, most people hate vacuuming and caring for their floors. Even offices that usually employ people to handle maintenance tasks will rejoice when every carpet available is stain resistant. Carpets like Zeta Tech are already strong and stain resistant. Hows that for staying ahead of the curve? Carpets Will Be Fast and Easy to Install Our attention spans are shrinking. We can hardly sit through an entire movie without looking at our phones. (We know, thats not everyone, but its certainly going that way.) We have little patience for waiting these days. Modular construction is taking over, ensuring that the process can be quick, efficient and cost effective. Carpet is going that way as well. Broadloom carpet in offices will still need a professional team, but we think new ways that make it easier to handle will certainly be in place. Those beautiful seam-free rooms will happen before you can blink. Just look at carpet tiles now, how much easier could it be to install this type of carpet? Office Carpets Will Be Roller Chair Resistant Weve heard that the future of office work will be standing desks. And, it might just be. After all, its much better for overall wellbeing according to the World Health Organisation. But, well still need chairs in offices, and theyre likely to be roller chairs that enable employees to get from one side of the room to the other. In order to deal with the standing employees and roller chairs, carpet is going to need to be strong; like really strong. And, its already going in that direction. There are carpets that can withstand the cleats in the golf clubhouse already. Theyre labelled as heavy contact carpets, and youll find a range which means theres already one waiting for your office. Patterns That Work with Spaces As smooth as the future looks in movies, there will always be a need for texture and patterns. These add to the appeal and the mood of an office. And, with everything going the way of simple personalisation (just think 3D printing as an example), one can expect the carpet production process to head in the same direction. </p></li><li><p> The patterns and textures that you find in carpets now are just the beginning. We expect customers to assist in the development of personal designs for their spaces. Carpets will hardly be an afterthought. Theyre more likely to be part of the focus of office spaces - and personally designed for companies. High Quality at Reasonable Prices With all these developments already well underway in the carpeting industry, you can expect this side of office life to stay ahead of the curve. Carpets will continue to develop quickly, and that means this tech will come down in price before you know it. For offices, that means incredible quality at reasonable prices. Now, that may sound familiar. After all, thats what youre getting from your carpets today. Its just that office carpets in 100 years will be just a pinch more streamlined. Want to be at the front of carpet trends? Its not that hard; just chat to the technical consultants at Birch Carpets, and theyll point you in the direction of the most advanced carpets on the market now. </p><p>http://www.birchcarpets.co.uk/ </p></li></ul>