what will blogging be like in 100 years

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What Will Blogging Be Like In 100 Years


What Will Blogging Be Like In 100 YearsThis post I am writing is for all bloggers. You write for yourself or for your readers but do we know how the Blogging willchange in next 100 years. I am going to talk about how blogging will change the life of an individual and how it will shape in coming years.

What Will Blogging Be Like In 100 Years

Blogging as career option

The time is not far when people will choose Blogging as career options. We will also see people start blogging in partnership.

Many people will also leave their jobs to become the full-time blogger. Harsh Agarwal is a good example.

Maybe in next 100 years, we will see college courses in Blogging

Engagement is more important than comment Theway the people share and engage the post is going to change. You will rank high in Google or other search engine based on the sharing, engagement and not comment.

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Best way to promote Personal blogs:Follow and get followed Social media is the best place to get more readers. Follow the best blogger in your niche and share their content. You can also comment on their blog and become their friends.

Responsive Blog is the future Here is a comparison of Amazon with other third party e-book seller:The future of the blogging is the responsive design. There will be more devices and your blog should work seamlessly on all of them.

Blogging speed will be very important The way the internet speed is increasing, your blog should load within seconds for the visitors. In future, there will be no scope for slowness or latency.

More Competition Of course, when there will be more blogger; there will be more competition. It will not be easier to get visitors and traffic to your blog. You will have to create quality and interesting content to survive.

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Conclusion Blogging will have a great time ahead. There are a lot of career opportunity lies ahead for the young generation in blogging.There aregoing to be a demand of blogger, blogging theme developers, blogging tools, content writers, plugin developers, marketing developers etc.Read full post here:http://ravisinghblog.in/what-will-blogging-be-like-in-100-years