What to Do When You Have Been in a Car Accident

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<ol><li> 1. What to Do When You Have Been in a Car Accident Car accidents are always unexpected, and often traumatic, regardless of how serious it is. Most people never think ahead to plan what they would do if they were involved in an accident, because they believe it will never happen to them. In reality, simple fender benders and fatal accidents happen every day. An accident doesnt have to be catastrophic in order to result in an injury, and the impact of the injuries may not be realized until hours later. This makes it even more important to know what to do, and not do, when you are in an automobile accident. In the case of minor accidents where those involved have only minor injuries: If you are required to move your vehicle before the police arrive, make sure that you take photos of the position of the vehicles beforehand. Exchange information with the other driver(s). This should include the insurance companies of all drivers involved and the policy number, as well as names, addresses, phone numbers, drivers license numbers and the license plate number. Include information on the vehicles and any differences in the names listed on the insurance and those of the drivers. Use a camera or your cell phone to take photos of the accident from every possible angle. Be aware of any witnesses in the area and try to obtain their personal information in case you need witnesses to prove you were not at fault. In the case of major accidents where those involved have serious injuries or fatalities: In a major accident where any person in the accident may have suffered a spinal cord injury, brain injury, other serious injury or fatality, the only immediate action you should take is to call 911 or try to have a driver or passerby do it for you as quickly as possible. If you are the person who has suffered from a serious injury, the results could have an impact on the rest of your life. The first thing to do after the accident is contact a car accident lawyer who is familiar with your rights. There are a number of different benefits that an accident victim may be entitled to in order to make dealing with their life after a serious injury less complicated. Even though you may have been totally or equally at fault for the accident, there are benefits that may be available to you. Some of these include: Benefits to replace loss of income through employment or self-employment if you purchased optional additional automobile insurance coverage, payment for childcare if you are unable to care for your child. Non-earner benefits if you suffer a complete inability to carry on a normal life Benefits for medical treatment and rehabilitation that are not otherwise covered by OHIP or your insurance plan Attendant care Funeral expenses and death benefits in cases of fatal accidents or deaths that occur later due to the accident </li><li> 2. Edson Legal is a highly accomplished personal injury law firm which guides clients through the process of making a claim. If you have been in an auto accident and have suffered a serious injury, contact a personal injury law firm in your area that can represent your case and defend your rights. Bio Edson Legal is a personal injury, disability and insurance law firm which is located in and serves clients throughout the Greater Toronto Area. They have more than 30 years of experience helping individuals who have experienced brain or spinal cord injury from motor vehicle, bicycle, motorcycle accidents, have suffered from dog bites, or have received various injuries from slip and fall accidents that occurred through negligence. The car accident lawyers in Toronto should be your first call after an accident resulting in serious injury. Summary Any auto accident has the potential to lead to serious injuries that prevent the individual from pursuing a normal life. Anyone with serious injuries from an accident may receive benefits, regardless of who was at fault. </li></ol>