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  2. 2. An essay writing service website is a legitimate form of help in your education. Don't be afraid to get such help. You need it.
  3. 3. The first two things you need to do when buying an essay online:
  4. 4. 1. know that it is legitimate form of help
  5. 5. 2. know and avoid scam websites
  6. 6. First, let us know about scam essays websites to be able to avoid them.
  7. 7. Scam essay websites provide poor, wrong or no services and products.
  8. 8. They say that they perform custom essay writing services or provide finished essay products. However, they actually don't. Their custom essays are poorly researched and written or, worse, are not really custom researched and written but are actually sample essays from their mills which are continually resold to many other students. Worst, they really do not perform any services or provide any products. They just get your money and never talk to you again.
  9. 9. A Big Important Clue that Indicate Scam Essay Websites No Press Presence
  10. 10. Look for the press presence of the essay writing service provider on their website. A legitimate essay website has identity with the press. This is evidence that they really exist and do business legally. A reputable essay website will have interacted with the press and would give you a glimpse of these interactions.
  11. 11. To help you find the press interactions of the essay services, go to their website and search for their press. Use the search function Control F (on your keyboard, press down the Ctrl key and press the F key).
  12. 12. Go to the website's documentation of their press interaction and do read them.
  13. 13. So now that you know that help from a legitimate and reputable essay writing services website is legitimate help and know that you only need to avoid essay scam websites, let us now proceed with what you need to do when buying essay online.
  15. 15. choose a legitimate and reputable essay writing service website.
  16. 16. approach the legitimate and reputable essay writing service website as early as possible.
  17. 17. The earlier you get their help, the earlier all your worries disappear.
  18. 18. know the legitimate purpose of a custom written essay, that it is uniquely yours and you can do many things or even anything with it.
  19. 19. The purpose of custom written essays is to serve as sample, model or guide to help you write your own. With the help of the custom written essay, you can write your own. All the information, ideas, insights, arguments, thesis (statement), writing style and organisation are uniquely written to meet your specific requirements. They are all yours and uniquely so. You can do anything or everything with them.
  20. 20. know that a legitimate and reputable essay writing services website will provide you with high quality well researched, well written, no plagiarism essays.
  21. 21. SO...
  22. 22. stop worrying
  23. 23. NOW!
  24. 24. start buying essay online. Ask us.