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Ajlouny Injury Law, New York Car Accident Lawyers give you tips on what to do after an accident. Find out if New York is a no-fault state. If injured, who will pay your medical bills? Free advice attorney 24 hours in New York.


  • 07/02/131 What To Do After Accident New York Car Accident Lawyer 800-535-5029
  • 07/02/132 Be Prepared Accidents can happen to anyone at anytime. Carry a set of cones in your trunk. If injured seek medical attention ASAP. Make sure vehicle hazards are on. Call the police. Contact a car accident lawyer
  • 07/02/133 Everything happens so fast. Stay Calm! Go to the hospital Injuries are not always visible. Speak to only the police, EMT or your attorney. Do not admit guilt you need all the facts!
  • 07/02/134 Important Tips Sign nothing Take as many notes as possible. Get the names of the other drivers know what precinct shows up. Keep your discussions with all (unless its your attorney) limited.
  • 07/02/135 Who Will Pay Your Medical Bills? New York is a no-fault state Up to 50,000 for medical no matter whose fault. Your rates do not go up.
  • 07/02/136 What We Offer 24 Hour Free Advice No Win No Fee We Come To You Work, Hospital, Home.
  • 07/02/137 Recommendation DO NOT SPEAK TO AN INSURANCE ADJUSTER Seek Medical Attention Recover and let your attorney take care of you! Find an attorney? Call 800-535-5029