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What Makes a Hero?. Student Page. [ Teacher Page ]. A WebQuest for 12 th Grade English. Title. Introduction. Mrs. Gerstorff and Ms. Norris. Task. Process. Evaluation. Conclusion. Credits. Based on a template from The WebQuest Page. Incoming Message: URGENT!. Student Page. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Student PageTitleIntroductionTaskProcessEvaluationConclusionCredits[Teacher Page]A WebQuest for 12th Grade EnglishMrs. Gerstorff and Ms. NorrisBased on a template from The WebQuest PageWhat Makes a Hero?

  • Student PageTitleIntroductionTaskProcessEvaluationConclusionCredits[Teacher Page]What makes a hero? This is the question you have been tasked with answering. Wauchula, our fine home, has been threatened by a band of evil arch-villains. While the men and women of our brave police force have managed to defeat the villains so far, rumor has it that they are joining forces to plunge Wauchula into utter chaos. This cannot happen! Other great cities have their heroes. The citizens of Wauchula demand no less. Without a hero, what will become of us? they ask. Who will rise to fight against the chaos? Your team must find that person.

    Remember: What defines a hero? Answer this question, and you will be one step closer to discovering who that hero is. Good luck and God speed.

    Incoming Message: URGENT!?GilgameshAchilles fighting HectorLuke Skywalker

  • Student PageIntroductionTaskProcessEvaluationConclusionCredits[Teacher Page]Sothis is WebMind at WebNet. You can call me WW for short. Might I suggest a possible course of action? Yes? Good. According to my data there are 3 of you. Good. A team of 3 is perfect for this project. Link here to see why, but dont forget to return here Ive got more ideas!

    The Heros Journey This is an outline to get you started.The Hero's Journey Part II This will give you all the details you need.

    Sothere are 3 of you and 3 stages of the heros journey. Since Im here to assist you, might I suggest that each of you research 1 stage, then together you can present a proposal to the council that identifies the experiences that traditionally define the hero. This will give them some ideas of what to look for in the hero candidates.

    The Wauchula City Council will meet with you in 1 week. To prepare for this meeting, your team will need to produce a PowerPoint presentation, a timeline ,and a Word document to distribute to the council members. The PowerPoint presentation should chronicle the heros journey. The timeline And the Word document should be a synopsis of the heros journey and include your teams definition of what a hero is. I dont need to point out that Wauchula is your city too. Are you ready? Good.

    TitleThe TaskHerakles (Hercules) fighting the Amazons.

  • Student PageTitleIntroductionTaskProcessEvaluationConclusionCredits[Teacher Page]So, weve already seen that a heros life, or journey, has three distinct stages. Have you decided among yourselves which of you is going to research which stage? Well, thats the first thing youll need to do. Then:

    Step 1: Each of you will research the stage you have chosen. Here are some links to help you with your research:The Heros Journey A Summary of StepsThe Heros Journey: Lifes Great AdventureThe Heros Journey in Star Wars

    Step 2: Once youve collected your research, your team will create a PowerPoint presentation to present your research to the Council. You should outline the Heros Journey. Make sure you use at least three examples for each stage (they should be historical heroes, epic heroes, and modern heroes). For an interesting look at modern heroes in comics, movies, and literature check out this link:Myth and the Heros Journey: Big Screen and BlockbustersFor examples of some of the great heroes of epic literature, check out this link:Wikipedia Heroes of EpicFor an analysis of Odysseus as hero:Odysseus Heros Journey

    Step 3: You will also need to create a timeline in Excel or Word that charts the heroic examples you have used in your PowerPoint.

    Step 4: Finally, you will also need to create a handout for the council members in Word or Publisher. This should include a short reflection for each team member answering the question, What makes a hero? Reflect on your research. The handout should also offer a simple definition of a hero.

    Step 5: You will present your research to the Council.The Process

  • Student PageTitleIntroductionTaskProcessEvaluationConclusionCredits[Teacher Page]Evaluation Rubric:

    Beginning 2Developing 3Accomplished 4Exemplary 5ScoreResearchResearch drew from few or no sources. The research did not support the groups arguments, and the topic was not addressed.Research drew from only a few sources, and frequently did not support the groups' arguments. The topic was not always addressed. Research drew on only one or two sources to support the groups arguments. The correct topics were addressed most of the time. Research drew on several different sources and supported the groups arguments. The correct topics were addressed. Teamwork Only a few members did all the work for the group. Some members of the group contributed and participated. Most of the members of the group contributed and participated.All members of the group contributed and participated.OrganizationInformation is not organized. It is difficult to follow and not presented clearly.Information is well organized, but difficult to follow. It is presented clearly.Information is well organized and presented clearly. Information is organized, easy to follow, and clearly presented.UnderstandingNo evidence of understanding the heros journey. No new ideas presented, and information is inaccurate.Little evidence of understanding the heros journey. No new ideas generated, information is inaccurate.Some evidence of understanding the heros journey. New ideas/personal connections seem weak. Clear evidence of understanding the heros journey. New ideas/personal connections are generated.Technical Components: PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher DocumentNone of the technical components is completed thoroughly, or two are missing from the final presentation.Only one of the technical components is completed thoroughly, or one is missing from the final presentation.Two out of three of the technical components are complete and thorough, or all three are complete but lack depth.All three technical components are complete and thorough.

  • Student PageTitleIntroductionTaskProcessEvaluationConclusionCredits[Teacher Page]Now that you have researched what it means to be a hero, the Wauchula City Council can find a group of heroes to defend our city alongside each of us. The villains plan to destroy Wauchula has been thwarted! On behalf of Wauchula I, WW, thank you for your work. We couldnt have done it without you.

    Hey, I was thinkingwhat if your journey is similar to a heros journey? Does that make you a hero? HmmWell, Im just an artificial intelligence, so what do I know.Conclusion Image courtesy of The Government Manual for New Superheroes written by Mathew D. Brozik and Jacob S. Weinstein; published by Andrews McMeel.

  • Student PageTitleIntroductionTaskProcessEvaluationConclusionCredits[Teacher Page]I adapted the rubric from Stephanie Bourdens Chaucer WebQuest:Chaucer: The Wife of Bath WebQuest

    This WebQuest is based on a template and training materials from:The WebQuest Page and The WebQuest Slideshare Group

    Image of Gilgamesh:http://www.btinternet.com/~glynhughes/squashed/gilgamesh.htmImage of Herakles fighting the Amazons:http://www.sikyon.com/Thebes/Labors/labor_eg09.htmlImage of Achilles fighting Hector:http://academic.shu.edu/honors/achilles_hektor2.jpgImage of Superman:http://fixedreference.org/en/20040424/wikipedia/SupermanImage of Luke Skywalker:http://www.wiu.edu/users/mudjs1/heropsych.htmImage of Superhero from The Government Manual for New Superheroes:http://www.andrewsmcmeel.com/press_releases/pr_superheros.html

    Credits & References



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