what is your boss like?

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  • What is your Boss like?

  • Is your Boss a Gangsters or a Clow?

  • Is your Boss an Inspired Guru?

  • Boss - Definition It is a person who: exercises control over workers, a wise and inspirational leader, a weak and autocrat person that controls people using force and bullying.

  • Boss - Important Many resignations happen because of dreadful bosses. Very few bosses can claim to inspire their subordinates to come to work the following day.

  • Types of Bosses Toxic Boss Clueless Boss Good Boss Fabulous Boss

  • Toxic Boss He is the kind of boss that rules by fear, threat and force.

  • Clueless Boss He is unfamiliar with his position of leadership and doesnt know what to do.

  • Good Boss Being a good boss is easy if managers try to work on the bad habits that normally demotivate their staff.

  • Fabulous Boss He is not temperamental. He is willing to teach others what they know. He is loyal to the people they supervise

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