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An overview of the importance of UCD


  • 1. What is User Centered DesignMatt Steel, Online Service Delivery ManagerFebruary 2013

2. What is User Centered Design? User centered design (UCD) is a design philosophy where the end-users needs, wants and limitations are a focus at all stages within the design process and development lifecycle. Products developed using the UCD methodology are optimised for end-users and emphasis is placed on how the end-users need or want to use a product instead of forcing the end user to change his behaviour to use the product. 3. They do the same, but which would you rather spend timeon? 4. Why does it matter? The outcome of most programmes will be to achieve adoption of the system by users. If a system has been designed with the wants, needs and limitations of users in mind then they are more likely to use the system. Focusing only on the function without understanding the experience will create an uncomfortable user experience. 5. The three elements User Who are your users? How can you talk with them? Centred Are you willing to allow users to steer your deliverables? Design Can you adapt your solution? Have you factored in resources, time and budget? 6. What do users do if you dont design for them? 7. Beware of the usersReporting highway faults Built on a popular platform Easier than the old systems More functionality Mobile appWhat users said, but was ignored Didnt like having to create an account before making a report Didnt like the categorisationWhy they were ignored The system couldnt be reconfigured to operate with no account. The service didnt want to re-categorise the way they work. 8. Beware of the users: The result 9. UCD for your programme Plan: what is the scope, audience, objectives? UCD is part of the whole process and needs to be embedded from the outset, its not an add on at the end Ask users what they want and keep asking Test your assumptions, modify and test again 10. Quick wins 11. How can we help 12. And finally.. Any questions? Drop in sessions this afternoon