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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>What is the Perfect Baby Shower Gift?baby productsbaby products reviewsbest baby toysWhen a woman gets pregnant, letting the world know that she is having a baby could be the most exciting thing to do right after she sees two lines in the pregnancy test. Friends and families, upon knowing, become excited and can't wait to plan for the baby shower. Though, tradition says, anyone can plan for the baby shower except family and relatives. But we can always deviate from rules. Who cares?When a woman gets pregnant</p> <p>baby productsbaby products reviewsbest baby toysWhat is the Perfect Baby Shower Gift?It can be scheduled right after it is announced to the whole world, toward the end of pregnancy or after the baby is born. Of course, the couple's schedule has to be known so you would not end up having a party without them. Another deviation from tradition is inviting men to the party.To make the party planning easier and more exciting, decide on a theme. From there, you can start polling party elements together. Decide on what party atmosphere you would like to have, formal or casual, the food and refreshments which would also depend on the time of your party.It can be scheduled right after</p> <p>baby productsbaby products reviewsbest baby toysWhat is the Perfect Baby Shower Gift?Invitations are best to be sent out a week ahead or earlier to give enough time for everyone to think and shop forbaby shower gifts. Deciding on what to buy is certainly difficult. How do we choose the perfect baby shower gift anyway?</p> <p>Some moms create a gift registry. The mother or host of the baby shower will let you know for sure. Once you get a hold of the gift registry, go to the nearest store near you, check the items listed and the price range within your budget. Be aware of the details indicated, then grab your chosen item. Upon paying at the cashier, do not forget to tell them you got it from the gift registry. Easy, right?Invitations are best to be sent</p> <p>baby productsbaby products reviewsbest baby toysWhat is the Perfect Baby Shower Gift?However, if there isn't any registry, then you have to do some thinking. First and foremost, think of baby essentials. Or you can purchase long-term presents or unique, memorable stuffs. You can choose to shop for it at baby boutiques, stores or even online shops. If you have the talent and time for it, a handmade gift would be great.</p> <p>Great baby shower gift ideasare sleeping gears and accessories such as muslin blankets and a baby basket form the baby to sleep in anywhere. Stuffs for feeding like bottles is a good idea, too. Bibs, burp cloths, nappies, baby wipes and of course onesies are useful. You will have to know the baby's gender to choose the suitable color, if you don't, pick a neutral one, like white, green or yellow.However, if there isn't any registry</p> <p>baby productsbaby products reviewsbest baby toysWhat is the Perfect Baby Shower Gift?Big baby gears such as strollers would be better left to the parents to buy. However, if you really want to give one, it is highly recommended to read stroller reviews carefully to be able to pick a safe, sturdy and cost-friendly stroller for the baby.</p> <p>Baby shower gifts need not be expensive. Its use and function is more important. Keep in mind to buy stuff that would not be kept and forgotten.Big baby gears such as strollers </p>