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International conference in Novy Bydzov PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION A ND REGIO NAL DEVELOPMENT Otakar Kuchař May 2008. What is it all about………. participation. ideas. cooperation. co mm unication. How it works here……. participants on public administration - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • International conference in Novy Bydzov PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION AND REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT Otakar KuchaMay 2008

  • What is it all about participationideascooperationcommunication

  • How it works here.. participants on public administration town-duties in the area of state and self administration systems public order public investments public inspection and involvement regional development

  • Participants on public administration

    In the CR mixed system of public administration: StateHigher administrative unit regionsTownsRegions of coherence NUTS IINNO (non-governmental non-profit organization)Local action groups

    State transfers its agency to regions and towns ( I., II., III. level)

  • Town-duties 1

    Extended agency of state administration in town deals with:Registry office and evidence of citizens in the area of its administrationCitizens IDs and travel documentsDrivers licenses and evidence of vehiclesDrivers testing Violations Provision in material need and in case of handicapSocial-legal protection of childrenTrades Licensing OfficeBuilding office and ground planningEnvironmentCrisis management

  • Town-duties 2

    Self-government in town deals with:Social services and local services planning Culture and sportEducationPublic investments and town developmentTrust of towns property Strategic planning of towns area developmentPublic order and safetyCriminality prevention Public greenery and lighting Local notices Towns budget

  • Public order 1

    Municipal police:Control of routes and side-walks qualityLocating presence of illegal dumping placesCross-roads supervision when pupils go to school in the morning and to the school-canteen at noonControl of car-parks and parking metersControl of prohibitions given by traffic signs Control of the traffic signs quality Camera-system recordings evaluation and usage Catching pye-dogs, their transportation and placement in shelter

  • Public order 2

    Town councils creation of regulations:Ensuring order in town by means of setting rulesConcerning the real estate tax Concerning the maintenance of routes in winterConcerning the paid parkingConcerning the wasteConcerning the local feesConcerning the rules for movement of dogsFire regulations

  • Public investments

    Self-financing of town only, or co financing from state or European sources Housing constructionSchool infrastructureSocial infrastructureCare of historical monumentsEnvironmentWaste managementLocal routes

  • Public inspection and involvement

    Documents available on the towns webpage Public town-council meetingsCommissions, advisory bodies and work groups Questionnaire surveysSuggestion proceedings

  • Regional development

    Activities in agreement with the Strategy of regional development in the CR and higher administrative unitsActivities aiming at sustainable development Majority of activities financed by EULocal action groups, micro-regions, townsInvolvement of public principles Analysis of current state and citizens needs Strategy of Micro-region CidlinaStrategy of Micro-region NovobydovskoStrategy of Spolen CidlinaIntegrated plan of development of Town Novy Bydzov

  • How does it work in your country.

    Slovakia Poland Latvia Italy

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