what is gesture drawing? visual arts 10. gesture drawing is...... a method of training hands to...

Download What is gesture drawing? Visual Arts 10. Gesture drawing is...... a method of training hands to quickly sketch what the brain has already seen. Staying

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  • What is gesture drawing?Visual Arts 10

  • Gesture drawing is . . .. . . a method of training hands to quickly sketch what the brain has already seen. Staying "focused" means sustained concentration. Once you start drawing, don't stop--there's only 1-2 minutes to finish! This is Gesture practice.

  • Steps to Success!

  • Focus . . . . . . constantly! The eye, a wonderful camera estimates proportions, contours, movement, and contrasts quickly. Determine contours first, then interior shapes and shadows.

  • Draw lightly . . . . . . for the 1st "layer" as a rough draft; darker for the 2nd drawing corrections right over the 1st layer adding contrast; then, the darkest 3rd layer with deep shadows and final contours.

  • Draw quickly . . .. . . the entire image is viewed in a blink. Make the pencil follow content flashed to the brain. Keep the pencil/pen in constant circular and linear motion. Catch the form, not the details.

  • Constant movement . . .. . . is a necessity. Quick, light drawing makes for easy clarifications in succeeding layers. Move eyes with quick returns without moving the head. Accuracy takes patience, perseverance and lots of practice.

  • No erasing . . . . . . as the gesture drawing's purpose is to develop visual skills which will effect expertise. Erasing breaks focus and wastes time!

  • Heres a quick example . . . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRTqpJMs98E

  • Your Turn!!!Get several sheets of paper ready. Try using a high B pencil(9B 6B), hold the pencil high and keep your movements loose.You will have 2 minutes to draw the object and/or figure on the next slide. Work fast, trust your eye.

  • Now time for some still-life . . . Grab a random object and put it in front of you on the table, for example, a pair of scissors, erasor, ipod, book, etc.Make sure the object has some dimension and is interesting to draw you will have 5 minutes this time to complete a gestural drawing of the objectGo!

  • Once finished, switch objects with a person to your left or right make sure you have a new object. Try to capture some realism and dimension of the object, but remember to keep it loose and stay relaxed.Lets try this again go!