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  • 1.What is Fashion? Give a short definition of fashion in your own words after you have looked the whole presentation.Include a couple of examples.

2. Go through different historical periods of fashion and have in mind: Social changes Culture influence Roles Class Status Mass Production and New Textile Technology 3. Romantic Era 1825-1845 4. Ornamental hair comb Handbags and purses 5. Hair styles and Hat sketches 1800-1905 6. First World War Era 7. La Belle Epoque 8. Fashion of 1920 - 1930 9. Tango and Jazz (1930) 10. Shoes (1920-1930) 11. Men 1945-1950 Fashionable wool crepe dress 1940 1942 Fashion of 1940-1960 12. 1949 50s skirts 40s shoe 50s hat 1955-1960 13. Teenagers 1951 The revolution of jeans and Elvis Presley style 14. Boots of 60s The length of a typical late sixties mini skirt Dresses of 1967 with cutaway armholes 15. 1970-1980 16. Today 17. A fashion is approved by others. It is copied because of competition. It is replaced as it becomes commonplace and has ceased to fulfill its function of being distinctive. Pauline Weston Thomas


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