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INTRODUCTIONData Over Cable Service Interface Specification

an International Standard

High speed data transfer.

Provides internet access over the HFC.

It provides bi-directional transfer of internet


BIRTH OF DOCSIS.D e ve l p e d b y C a b l La b s i 1 9 9 7 . o e n C o n tri u ti g C o m p a n i s: A R R I , B i B a n d b n e S g

N e tw o rks, B ro a d co m , C i , C o n e xa n t, sco C o rre l n t, H a rm o n i , I te l M o to ro l , N e tg e a r, a c n , a Te ra yo n , a n d Texa s I stru m e n ts. n T h e sta n d a rd d e fi e d th e co m m u n i ti n s a n d n ca o o p e ra ti n su p p o rt i te rfa ce re q u i m e n ts fo r o n re a d a ta o ve r ca b l syste m . e W i ce rti ca ti n fro m C a b l La b s, th fi o e m a n u fa ctu re rs w i lb e a b l to p ro d u ce ca b l l e e m o d e m s fo r re ta i , so co n su m e rs n o l n g e r l o h a ve to d e p e n d o n l a se d ca b l m o d e m s e e fro m th e i ca b l p ro vi e rs. r e d





DOCSIS 1.0 (High Speed Internet Access) Downstream traffic transfer rates between 27 & 36 Mbps Transfer rate drops as more users gain access.

DOCSIS 1.1 (Voice, Gaming, Streaming) Interoperable and backwards-compatible with DOCSIS 1.0 Quality of Service and dynamic services, a MUST for Packet Cable Service Security: CM authentication and secure software download Operations tools for managing bandwidth service tiers In the field NOW - 109 CM Certified, 34 CMTS Qualified

DOCSIS 2.0 (Capacity for Symmetric Services) Interoperable and backwards compatible with DOCSIS 1.x More upstream capacity than DOCSIS 1.0 (x6) & DOCSIS 1.1 (x3) Improved robustness against interference (A-TDMA and S-CDMA) Available NOW - 84 CM Certified, 7 CMTS Qualified

Docsis Service Transfer bi-directional data

traffic between service providers head end(CMTS) and customers cable modem CATV tree-and-branch infrastructure provides data conduit: fiber and coax cables with amplifiers -- hybridfiber/coax (HFC) Wide BW and fast data rate for DS Allocated BW and lower data rate for US as compared to Europe.

Up Stream Transmission FrequencyParameter Frequency Range Transit delay from head-end to most distant customer Value 5 to 42 MHz edge to edge or 5 to 85 MHz edge to edge


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