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1. 604.684.0544 : info@studeo55.ca604-684-0544 : info@studeo55.ca 2. What is Crossfit Crossfir Training is a combination of many exercisesto tax the muscular system and build inner strength simultaneously. Professional trainers with dietician, massage therapist, chiropractor and naturopath collaborate and bring the best out of the Cross Fit training.604-684-0544 : info@studeo55.ca 3. Benefits of Crossfit Training There are many benefits of Crossfit training. It allows you to build Power Strength Speed Agility604-684-0544 : info@studeo55.ca 4. Benefits of Crossfit Training Cont It aims at achieving fitness at all levels. This trainingprogram consists of exercises that train all the muscles by maintaining a coordinated balance in the body. With every Crossfit session, you can burn more calories. Individuals who want to look good by reducing the fat in the body can accomplish the task with a systematic crossfit program. It aims at increasing the all round fitness development with shorter workouts. With the functional training, it becomes easy to deal with physical activities in real life. 604-684-0544 : info@studeo55.ca 5. Areas of Focus Each Crossfit training session focuses on: Improving cardiovascular endurance Increasing strength and stamina Improving flexibility, speed and power Improving Co-ordination and body balance Overall physical and mental fitness604-684-0544 : info@studeo55.ca 6. Contact Us Unit 202 - 865 Hornby St. Vancouver, BC Call us directly: 604-684-0544 Send us an email: info@studeo55.ca Our Website : http://www.studeo55crossfit.com/604-684-0544 : info@studeo55.ca