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What is a data warehouse. and why would you want one?. Emily Morton-Owens @ bradamant. Data warehouse. Not for users Not operational or transactional Abstract/summary Normalized For analysis and strategy. ETL: Extract, transform, load. Correct granularity Ensure privacy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>What is a data warehouse</p> <p>What is a data warehouseand why would you want one?Emily Morton-Owens@bradamantWhy am I talking about this? My last two LITA presentations involved pilot DWs. 2011, data dashboard and visualization, required us to build a limited-scope DW to draw from. The holds project is a data warehouse just on holds data.1Data warehouseNot for usersNot operational or transactionalAbstract/summaryNormalizedFor analysis and strategy</p> <p>2ETL: Extract, transform, loadCorrect granularityEnsure privacyEnforce consistencyExamples:Holds data storeCheckout summaryChat logsOperations data e.g. ILSETL MAGICData warehouse3Bridge silosILS + demographicsHow much do Millennials use the library in comparison to their population in Seattle?EZproxy + academic department + publicationsHow much do faculty access articles through the library by department? How does that correspond to the departments publishing output?Events+ e-materialsDo people who check out e-materials come to events as much as people who check out print materials?4ChallengesData problems that are unrelatedMetrics that no one cares aboutForce people to agree on methods5WinsSave timeLet people do their own reportingMore accurateShared strategy</p>


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