What is a CrossFit Workout?

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What is a CrossFit Workout?


  • 1. What is a CrossFit Workout?

2. A peek inside Connecticuts CrossFit Norwalkgym facility will reveal a group of experiencedexercise enthusiasts and fitness beginnersengaging in a variety of high-intensityworkouts. So what exactly is a CrossFitworkout? 3. CrossFit was developed by a fitness gurunamed Greg Glassman, who believed insetting clear measures of an individualsfitness. The ultimate goal is to increase theamount of physical work a participant can doin any amount of time. Along the way, theregimen helps people lose weight, increasestamina, and improve overall health andvitality. 4. Classes are relatively short, incorporating avariety of high-intensity exercises to keepthings interesting. A single workout mayinclude squatting, running, throwing, andother functional movements in a short timespan. CrossFit Norwalk tailors its workouts toindividual ability, making the gym accessibleto people of all fitness levels. Participantsinclude elite athletes seeking to gain an edge,new moms trying to lose baby weight, andeveryone in between.


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