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Visit our site http://absoluterx.com/compound-pharmacy for more information on What Is A Compounding Pharmacy.Compound Pharmacy could seem like a relatively brand-new fad, as acquiring customized prescription is ending up being considerably preferred; compounding is actually a conventional technique of dispensing medications, with ancient roots. Countless years earlier, hunter-gatherers depend largely on the medicinal top qualities of naturally occurring ingredients, such as pets, plants and fungis.


  • 1. Pharmacy compounding has been used for many generations to produce specific medications, and it used to be the main method of creating medications for patients prior to the development of commercial drug production in the 50s and 60s. In modern times the vast majority of medications are produced by commercial drug companies, however a small percentage of every medication prescribed in the United States is produced by compounding pharmacies.
  • 2. Compounding pharmacies produce customized drug treatments for several fields of medicine including: Dermatology Veterinary medicine Dentistry Podiatry Pediatric Medicine Geriatric Medicine Reproductive Endocrinology Sports Medicine Gastroenterology Endocrinology
  • 3. Absolute Pharmacy is committed to providing the best possible service and medicine to each of our clients. That initiative is why we only employ Board Certified Pharmacists to create our customized medicines. Pharmacy compounding is a long established tradition; physicians have relied on pharmacists for decades to provide them with compounded medications designed for each patients unique needs.
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