What is a collage? Why would you make one? Answer quickly in your sketchbooks.

Download What is a collage? Why would you make one? Answer quickly in your sketchbooks.

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What is a collage? Why would you make one?

What is a collage? Why would you make one?Answer quickly in your sketchbooksNamely Me Matisse Collage Collage is colored paper, cut and placed in a deliberate way to produce art

Matisse was a lawyer. He developed a passion for art and quit work as a lawyer to create bright colorful paintings. When he was older, he got stomach cancer and became bed ridden. He began drawing with chalk on a stick on his ceiling and walls. Here he developed a love of collage. He had helpers come and paint bright paper for him to cut out and collage. His helpers never got credit for their workMatisse, Drawing with scissors

He made bright, colorful collages

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What youre doing nowRemember to use your time wisely!Using the worksheet provided, develop a list of personality traits. What you like, what annoys you, places you want to see. Then compare it with a neighbor.Create 2 thumbnail sketches of your project. These must be unique from each other and follow the guidelines on the paper. A copy of the rubric is on the back of the worksheet for you to reference.

Who was Henri Matisse? What was special about him?Answer quickly BackgroundLets start off easy.First start with your background. Make sure you incorporate things from your list.Use paper from the scrap paper box on the front table.Look at your thumbnails to create. I have marked which one I think is the best.You do not need to fill the whole page, remember, your name will also be on here.

What interests did you incorporate into your collage? How did you use them?Answer quickly in your sketchbooksNameNow it gets more complicatedStart cutting your name out of colored paper. Remember to use large, fat letters that are a unique font. Remember to overlap your letters, use different shapes and break the frame of the page. Its ok to go off the paper!

Why is it important to look at our own work critically? Why should we look at the work of our peers the same way?Answer quickly in your sketchbooks