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What do you do? Can you describe it in one, focused sentence?


<ul><li> 1. Brand Your Training Branding Yourself as a TrainerCareer Consultant~Branding Strategist~Social Media Catalyst</li></ul> <p> 2. WebsitesBlogPodcastEmarketingSocial MediaChamber 3. YourBrand is who you are and what you do. YourBranding is everything you do to promote who you are and what you do. 4. We help people plug in andpower up their brand withcontent marketing throughsocial media, so they standout, get noticed and areremembered more. 5. Content Marketing Institute 6. 2012 2011Content Marketing Institute 7. Content Marketing Institute 8. Chamber Organizations Online Groups RSS Feeds Key Social Media HubsIf you are not out there you cant be found 9. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 10. 1_____________________________________ 2_____________________________________ 3_____________________________________ 4_____________________________________ 5_____________________________________ 11. 1______________________________________ 2______________________________________ 3______________________________________ 4______________________________________ 5______________________________________ 12. Content MarketingInstitute.com Social Media Today.com SmallBizTrends.com PersonalBrandingBlog.com MarketingProfs.com LinkedIn Today Your Top Professional Websites and Blogs Contact Me: 954-801-3133 Deborah@DeborahShane.com Ill Send You:25 Free and Low Cost Ways to Market Yourself Now </p>