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<p>What are natural disasters? Give examples</p> <p>LETS TALK ABOUT NATURAL DISASTERS</p> <p>What are natural disasters? Give examples</p> <p>What are often the results of natural disasters?</p> <p>What can be done to prevent natural disasters?Make a list of disasters and possible preventive measures. </p> <p>Are there ever natural disasters in your country?Explain.</p> <p>What natural disasters could happen where you live?</p> <p>Have you or any of your friends or relatives ever been in a natural disaster?What happened?</p> <p>What was the last natural disaster you saw on TV?Where did it happen?How did it affect people?</p> <p>What are the worst natural disasters you can remember?</p> <p>How can we help victims of a natural disaster?</p> <p>In your opinion, whats the worst natural disaster?Why?</p> <p>How much warning time are people usually given ahead of a disaster?</p> <p>How can you prepare when a natural disaster is imminent where you live? (= about to happen)</p> <p>Have you ever seen a natural disaster movie?Talk about it.</p> <p>What are some of the problems people often have after a natural disaster?</p> <p>What would you do if you knew an inescapable disaster was about to happen and you only had one day to live?</p> <p>Why did dinosaurs become extinct?Discuss possibilities.</p> <p>What kills more people worldwide: natural disasters, war, terrorism, famine, other?Brainstorm and discuss</p> <p>Could the Internet be helpful in case of a disaster? How?Could it be misused? How?</p>


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