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  • What About Me?

    (This is just to express my feelings because of that rumor...) Taeyeon thought thatthey were going to be more than friends, but looks like that's not how their story isgoing to end.

    "You called me your wife, but why do you have a boyfriend?"

    "Are you crazy? We're best friends and that's all we'll ever be."

  • The Letter

    ***note: Listen to Taeyeon's 'Missing You Like Crazy' when you read this chapter.



    Remember when we used to whisper into each other's ears for no reason? I missthose times... Also when you would creep into my room because you were afraid tosleep alone, I would wake up feeling a pair of arms around my waist and when Iturn around, I would see your tear stained cheeks and pouty lips because you werecrying. I kissed those tears away while you were asleep. We called each other'wife' and I really meant it. For some reason, it felt right to me to say that...to callyou that..."My wife," We were always stuck together that the other girls felt likethey were invisible. Indeed, sometimes I feel like there's only you and me. I tried tostop this from happening but I found myself yearning for more. Little by little, timeafter time, I fell for you...

    No matter what troubles you had, you would just come clean with me because wepromised to be honest to one another. Whenever you missed your mother, youwould ask me to hold you till you fall asleep. However, on that day, you confessedsomething to me.

    "I think I'm falling for Nichkhun oppa,"

    You giggled, your eyes sparkled and you had a different smile on your face. Asmile that I can never put on your face. I feel regretful, I can't be the man of your

  • dreams. Heck, I'm not even a man. I can never be the Daniel Henney you've alwaysdreamt of but everyone knows that he can.

    I thought that after you fell for him, you would quickly get over him but I waswrong. All of a sudden, you stopped coming into my room late at night. I don't feelyour arms around me anymore when I wake up in the morning. You stoppedcalling me your wife. Whenever I pass your room, I hear you laughing even thoughyou're alone and it's because you're on the phone with him. You have a newcompanion now, you don't need me here.

    One day, you came to me and asked me why I have been moody these few days. Ijust smiled and told you that I was fine. That was when you told me everythingabout you and him, how you both became closer.

    "I think I'm really in love with Nichkhun oppa,"

    I congratulated you and told you I was proud but I was hoping that my tears won'tbetray me really soon. I was broken inside. You hugged me and thanked me forgiving you my blessing. Just when I thought we would be the same as we were inthe past, I guess I was delusional. You still didn't look for me.

    I heard you crying one night, I wanted to open your door and comfort you but Iheard you say.

    "Thanks for being there for me when no one's here for me,"

    I slammed my door, hard. I didn't give a damn whether you heard it or not. PoorSunny who was falling asleep nearly got a heart attack. The other girls came intomy room and asked me what happened. I counted, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7...there were

  • only seven of them who surrounded me. Feeling even more angered, I refused torespond.

    For days I didn't respond to them but during our activities, I just did. I tried not tobe obvious around you because I didn't want you to notice, I didn't want you to ask.I just didn't want to talk about it. I didn't want to talk to you. I guess the rest of thegirls caught on because they comforted me the next night and gave me chocolatemilk to make me smile but we became silent after we heard you laughing out loud.They just smiled sympathetically at me.

    You started wearing new accessories and that necklace we bought for eachother...where did it go? I noticed that Mr Buck shared the same accessories as you.I didn't know how much longer I could hold this anger, this feeling.

    What was I to you? Who was I to you? Was I just a toy? Or was I your best friendwho you claimed to be your wife? Who am I, Miyoung-ah?

    I was there for you all this while. Was I invisible or something? I was ready to givemy all for you but, this is how it is.

    To be honest, I'm happy for you. I'm happy that you found someone. Just like thatcertain quote, "Someone's beginning is always someone else's end," Whensomething bad happens to you and your Thai prince's relationship, don't comecrying to me. Let's just pretend that we were never best friends, just members.

    Thank you for being a part of me, Miyoung.

    Yours truly,

  • Kim Taeyeon

    Tiffany folded the crumpled piece of paper she found on Taeyeon's desk.

    It's Over

    Tiffany folded the crumpled piece of paper she found on Taeyeon's desk.

    Tiffany sat on the couch and waited for Taeyeon to come home. She didn't knowwhat to feel. Should she be mad that her best friend is not supporting herrelationship or sorry that her best friend is in love with her. She tried to puttogether what to say to Taeyeon. Just then, the leader returned home with the restof the girls. The lively atmosphere began to die down.

    "Kim Taeyeon," Tiffany called. The girls turned to look at Tiffany and then theylooked at Taeyeon.

    "What?" Taeyeon answered ignorantly.

  • "What? That's all you can say?" Tiffany rolled her eyes. The girls have never seenher act like that.

    "Then what do you expect me to say when all you said was my name?" Taeyeonanswered.

    "Why don't you just tell it to my face?" Tiffany snapped.

    "What the hell are you talking about?" Taeyeon was starting to get mad.

    "I found this," Tiffany threw the crumpled piece of paper to Taeyeon. Taeyeonknew very well what was written in that paper.

    "Why were you looking through my stuff, I need privacy too, Mrs Buck!" Taeyeonyelled.

    "You left your door open and this piece of crap was in the middle of your room, ofcourse I decided to pick it up and throw it away." Tiffany replied with the sametone.

    "Crap huh? That just proves what you actually see me as." Taeyeon smirked.Tiffany groaned out loud.

    "What do you have against Khun oppa?" Tiffany yelled.

    "Nothing," Taeyeon said in a softer tone.



    "You are unbelievable," Tiffany sighed in disappointed.

  • "Me?! YOU are the one that's unbelievable. All of the things written are about howI feel and yet all you think about is that guy?" Taeyeon shook her head in disbelief.

    "OF COURSE, it's cause I love him." Tiffany replied angrily.

    "So, this is how it is. YOU were the one who called ME your wife and you justleave me hanging waiting for something that will never come true?" Taeyeon saidwith tears forming in her eyes.

    "You're crazy, insane. We're only best friends, nothing more and that's all we'llever be."

    "That's all you're going to say after you gave me hope?" Taeyeon asked.

    "What else do you expect me to say? I love you too?" Tiffany rolled her eyes.

    The girls who were witnessing the fight were at loss for words. Who in the worldhas taken over the body of the kind hearted Hwang Miyoung?

    Taeyeon felt like her heart was going to explode. "You..."

    "Beat it, Taeyeon. We're never going to be together. I have Khun oppa now."Tiffany said.

    "After all you've done...after all we've been through...after what you've put methrough..."

    "Kim Taeyeon, PLEASE, stop living in your fantasy life. If I knew you were goingto fall for me, I would have never treated you like how I did. I thought that youcould be the bestest friend I've ever had but..." Tiffany paused when she sawTaeyeon's tears flowing. "no, you're just a friend to me. Nothing more, Taeyeon.

  • I'm sorry. " Tiffany then walked off quickly into her room. Taeyeon was left cryingin the living room with 7 girls who didn't know how to approach the leader. Just asthe girls were about to comfort Taeyeon, she yelled in frustration.



    Tiffany sobbed quietly, alone in her room.


  • Only Taeyeon

    Tiffany sobbed quietly, alone in her room.

    Tiffany reached for her phone and dialed Nichkhun's number. "Yeoboseyo?"

    "Babe, I'm kind of busy right now." Nichkhun sighed. Tiffany heard Taecyeon'svoice at the back.

    "Is that my Fany~?" Tiffany smiled a little.

    "I really wanted to talk to you," Tiffany sobbed.

    "I can't, I'm sorry. I have to go now, love you." Nichkhun hung up. Tiffany poutedand started sobbing more.

    "Taetae would have known how I feel right when I said hello," Tiffany thought."Stop it, babo." she whispered to herself.

    Taeyeon was everything Tiffany need in a friend. Honest, reliable, entertaining,caring, loving, always thinking about others. Nobody knew how she actually feltabout Taeyeon.

    During their trainee days, Taeyeon always took care of Tiffany well. Somehow,Taeyeon made Tiffany feel special. Tiffany had always admired Taeyeon but shewas too afraid to tell anyone, afraid of how they might react. So, from a closedistance, she just kept her secret crush to herself. Taeyeon was perfect in her eyesbut she felt like a fool because she knew deep down, Taeyeon will never feel the

  • same. Trying hard to push away her uncomfortable, painful