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The 2013 Westwood garden tractor brochure


  • A T R A C T O R F O R A L L S E A S O N S

  • Perhaps you have a beautiful front lawn to maintain. You want a perfect striped finish but without leaving clippings behind. You want a mower that will cut and collect thick, lush grass even if its wet.

    Maybe you look for versatility. You have a lawn to mow but also a tall grass paddock and orchard to keep maintained.

    Perhaps accessibility is an issue. Some gardens have narrow gateways and paths to negotiate, steep slopes to mow or muddy areas to drive through.

    Most customers look for value for money. They want a long warranty, a strong durable

    product and the ability to drive attachments that extend the use

    of their ride-on lawnmower.

    There is only one manufacturer whose products deliver all of the above

    What are the benefits that you look for in a new ride-on lawnmower?

    Built in Britain

  • Contents

    Cutting and Collection ............................4 5

    Mulching and High Grass Mulching........6 7

    Special features .....................................8 9

    S Series Garden Tractors ...................10 11

    T Series Garden Tractors....................12 13

    T Series 4WD Garden Tractors ...........14 15

    V Series Garden Tractors....................16 17

    High Grass Mulch Garden Tractors .... 18 19

    Accessories .......................................20 21

    Specifications ....................................22 23

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    Westwood tractors are built for British gardens... without compromise

    Designed and manufactured in the UK, Westwood tractors excel in cutting and collecting grass. Each model has been built with the unique demands of the British garden in mind.

    Ball bearings in the stub axle and wheels provide positive and light steering, essential for negotiating around trees and along borders.

    The unique grass collector is, in our opinion, the only collection system to effectively collect thick, lush or wet grass clippings. An integrated roller leaves a classically British, striped lawn finish.

    Computer monitored, fuel efficient engines balance cutting performance with economy. A noise reducing double-skinned bonnet makes the Westwood a quieter alternative to many other lawnmowers.

  • In our opinion, nothing comes close to the finish achieved by a Westwood tractor its what our reputation is built on.

    What makes a Westwood a better option?

    Consider the unique way that our tractors

    cut and collect grass. Unlike most collection

    methods, a Westwood uses a powered

    rotating brush mounted inside the collector to

    sweep up grass clippings.

    Because clippings are brushed from the lawn,

    a Westwood wont clog not even when

    cutting wet grass.

    This collection system makes Westwood the

    choice for thousands of British homeowners.

    Owning a Westwood means you can mow

    your lawn whenever you want not just when

    its dry.

    Cutting and collection

    Cut and collect fully and leave a striped lawn finish... even in the wet


    The Westwood Combi deck can be configured as either a rear discharge or mulching deck. The Vector Flow is a dedicated rear discharge deck.

    The optional Powered Grass Collector attaches to the rear of the tractor and sits on an integrated lawn roller. When set in the lowered position, the collector will stripe your lawn. Theres no need for another pass with a roller or striping kit

  • A Westwood Powered Grass Collector is highly effective at collecting leaves and other organic debris from your lawn

    Cut and collect fully and leave a striped lawn finish... even in the wet

    The collectors brushes rotate at over 2000 strokes per minute sweeping cut grass, leaves and garden debris into the bag

    The Powered Grass Collector articulates

    independently to the tractor. This

    maintains constant contact with

    the ground

    The rear roller on the Powered Grass Collector produces a striped lawn finish

    Cutting height can be adjusted from 12mm to 101mm (depending on cutter deck fitted)

    FIND OUT MOREwestwoodtractors.com/pgc

    The height of the brushes on the collector can be adjusted for the best possible collection


  • 6Grass clippings are kept trapped within the cutting chamber. Here they are cut multiple times, reducing their volume to a fine mulch


    The Westwood Combi deck can be configured for rear ejection or mulching. Ask your dealer for details

    Mulching is a faster way to mow your lawn

    Mulching is a popular choice for people who want a fine finish on their lawn without having to collect grass clippings.

    All Westwood Combi decks have mulching capability. The specially designed deck lining and blades keep grass clippings trapped within the cutting chambers.

    The grass is cut time and time again, becoming ever finer and reducing it to a mulch. In fact, the clippings are so small, they are barely visible on the lawn surface. After a few days they decompose, releasing nutrients and moisture back to the grass plant.

    Mulching A faster way to mow your lawn

    FIND OUT MOREwestwoodtractors.com/tractor_combi

  • Thick heavy chains fitted to the front and rear of the deck ensure that no material can escape the blades

    Applying the same principles as the Combi deck, the High Grass Mulching (HGM) deck is built to be strong and tough capable of tackling the very toughest cutting conditions. It will happily tame a paddock, scrubland or high grass area with absolute ease; completing the job of a brushcutter in a fraction of the time and with a lot less effort.

    Dense weeds, nettles, brambles and thistles are forced into the path of the HGM deck. Heavy chains at the front and rear of the deck ensure that cut material does not leave the cutting chamber until fully mulched.

    High Grass Mulching

    FIND OUT MOREwestwoodtractors.com/tractor_hgm

    The fabricated deck has six hardened steel blades that can cut

    through all but the toughest material

  • Power Take Off (PTO)Power to drive the grass collector and accessories is taken directly from the engine. An independent clutch allows you to use the PTO to power accessories with the cutting blades disengaged. You can sweep up leaves and debris on paths or drives and run accessories to scarify and spread salt or fertiliser.

    Powered Grass Collector (PGC)Westwood pioneered the powered grass collection system. The tractors Power Take-Off drives rotating brushes at over 2,000 strokes per minute, to sweep the cut grass, leaves and debris into the collector; while the integral roller gives a classic striped effect. Additionally, the grass benefits from dispersal of worm casts and the accumulation of thatch is inhibited. It is acknowledged to be the best grass collection system available and proves unbeatable under any conditions.

    Special features

    Deck LiftUtilising a clever gearing system, the manual deck height adjustment lever is light, smooth and easy to use. Thanks to this design, adjusting cutting height is almost effortless.

    Seat AdjusterEasily adjust seat position using the fingertip control lever. An angled adjuster plate moves the operator down and closer to the pedals or up and further away.

    The EngineWestwood tractors are only fitted with premium-grade engines. All have a solid reputation for reliability and performance and offer a comprehensive warranty programme.


  • Cutting DecksThe Vector Flow cutter deck has three, razor sharp integrated blades. These finely cut the grass and direct it to the discharge chute at the rear of the deck ready for collection by the optional Powered Grass Collector. A Westwood Combi deck is a versatile cutter that lets you cut and collect, mulch or rough-cut. A High Grass Mulching deck, designed to tackle tall grass, nettles and bramble, is available for most models see page 23.

    Foot Controlled TransmissionAll Westwood tractors feature foot controlled hydrostatic drive. Hydrostatic drive delivers infinitely variable speed selection via foot pedal controls.

    SafetyThe ergonomically designed drivers seat is fitted with a sensor that cuts out the engine when the operator leaves the seat. The tractor cannot be started unless the park brake is engaged. An electromagnetic clutch that controls the drive to the cutter blades is operated at the touch of a button. In the off position, a safety brake stops the blades within three seconds.

    DashboardSpecial attention has been given to the design of the Westwood dashboard to ensure the operator has maximum visibility of the controls and indicators at all times. Regularly used controls have been grouped, making operating a Westwood intuitive and user-friendly.


  • S Series Garden TractorsA stalwart of the Westwood range, the S Series is a

    firm favourite with many British gardeners, famed for its

    versatility and rugged construction.

    Fitted with a powerful single cylinder engine, an S Series

    is ideal for gardens of around one acre, producing a first-

    class finish on a formal lawn.

    The S150H Mini is th