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  • WESTERN CANADIAN BREEDERS CHAMPIONSHIP SHOWArabian & Half Arabian/Anglo-Arabian Horse Show

    Thursday, June 16, 2016


    Sunday, June 19, 2016

    Hosted by Carrot River Valley Arabian Horse Association

    AHA 161713462; EC Silver

    Region 17

    Qualifying show for all AHA National Shows


    Ag Centre


    JUDGE: Sport Horse/Dressage: Karen Ashbee Calgary, Alberta

    WCB Judges:

    Greg Gallun Santa Ynez, California

    Van Jacobsen Rochester, Minnesota

    Pam Zimmerman Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta

    Entries close May 20, 2016 (postmarked)


  • AHA Show Number 16173462. This show is sponsored by Carrot River Valley Arabian Horse AssociaEon and is a qualifying show

    for all AHA NaEonal Shows.

    Arabian Horse Associa-on Show Recogni-on

    The Arabian Horse AssociaEon is a major equine associaEon serving members in the United States and Canada. It registers and

    maintains a database of more than one million Arabian, Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian horses and administers more than $2.5

    million in annual prize money. AHA produces championship events, recognizes over 500 Arabian horse shows land distance rides

    annually and provides acEviEes and programs that promote breeding and ownership. For informaEon about Arabian, Half-

    Arabian and Anglo-Arabian horses, call 303-696-4500, e-mail info@Arabian Horses.org or visit ArabianHorses.org.

    Join AHA through your local club for the following great member benefits:

    Discounted subscripEon to Modern Arabian Horse magazine.

    Reduced rate for compeEEon privileges across a variety of disciplines for local, regional and naEonal AHA-approved

    shows and rides

    Peace of mind with 1 million in personal liability insurance through Equisure.

    Preferred rates on horse registraEons and transfers.

    Preferred rates on ArabDataSource, the worlds largest online Arabian horse resource.

    No annual fee, low interest rate Bank of America affinity credit card.

    Numerous opportuniEes to parEcipate in award recogniEon and prize money programs.

    Show circuits for AHA members at local, regional, and naEonal levels.

    Contact your local club:

    Carrot River Valley Arabian Horse AssociaEon: Robert Sproule, Membership Chair Box 159, Melfort, Sk. S0E 1A0 email

    rocher.r@sasktel.net or go online to www.arabianhorses.org.

    All exhibitors entered in this event must be a current AHA member with CompeEEon Card. This includes any owner, trainer,

    driver, rider or halter handler who exhibits horses in the show ring or signs the entry form as the responsible person for any

    individuals horse. Single Event Memberships are not eligible at Regional or NaEonal shows.

    The Judges & Stewards Commissioner is responsible for handling wriben and signed complaints relaEng to judges and stewards

    conduct when filed by exhibitors, show officials, AHA members or others, and when accompanied by a ten-dollar ($10.00) filing

    fee {ResoluEon 5-90}. Other comments, compliments, quesEons, inquires are encouraged when appropriate (no filing fee


    Write: Judges & Stewards Commissioner



  • PO Box 440949 Aurora, CO 80044-0949


    AHA Website: www.arabianhorses.org

    Region 17 Website: www.region17.com WCB Website www.wcbreeders.com

    The Western Canadian Breeders Championship Competition is sanctioned as a silver competition member of Equine Canada308 Legget Drive, Suite 100, Ottawa, Ontario, K2K 1Y6 and is governed by the Rules of EC. (A602.1)


    The Equine Canada Federation (EC), the national federation of Canada, supports adherence to humane treatment of horses in all competitions under its jurisdiction. The EC is committed to:

    Upholding the welfare of horses, regardless of value, as a primary consideration in all activities.

    Requiring that horses be treated with kindness, respect and the compassion that they deserve and that deserve, and that they never be subjected to mistreatment.

    Ensuring that owners, trainers, exhibitors and their agents use responsible care in the handling, treatment and transportation of their horses as well as horses placed in their care for any purpose.

    Providing for the continuous well being of horses by encouraging routine inspection and consultation with health care professionals and competition officials to achieve the highest possible standards of nutrition, health, comfort, sanitation, and safety as a matter of standard operating procedure.

    Continuing to support scientific studies on equine health and welfare.

    Increasing education in training and horsemanship practices.

    Requiring owners, trainers and exhibitors to know and follow their sanctioning organizations rules and to work within industry regulations in all equestrian competitions.

    Reviewing, revising, and developing competition rules and regulations that protect the welfare of horses.

    The standard by which conduct or treatment will be measured is that which a reasonable person, informed and experienced in generally accepted equine training and exhibiting procedures, would determine to be cruel, abusive nor inhumane.


    Exhibitors, Judges Show Officials are responsible for knowledge of the rules. Both a complete knowledge of, and compliance with, the rules are essential, and all participants must be fully cognizant of all rules as well as class specifications in the division in which they compete. Full details of Horse Show operationEC (including FEI) ruleslist of recognized Judgesother vital information is in the RULE BOOK copyright for exclusive use of recognized shows. See current EC Rules and amendments. Every individual is eligible to count points won at recognized EC Shows for Annual and Provincial Championship Awards. The current EC rules and Amendments are presently in effect and have been used to compile the Rules and Regulations for this prize list. Passports are NOT required in a recognized Breed competition.

    You are cordially invited to join Equine Canada.



  • Bronze License--$25.00 Silver License--$80.00 Gold License--$125.00 Platinum License--$210.00. Plus provincial membership and Amateur Status- if applicable.

    Regional and National Breed Shows require a Silver license. WCB has the same status as a Regional show, therefore an EC Silver Sport License is required.

    Amateur Competitors: All seniors competing in EC amateur classes must possess a current amateur card. This must be applied for at the same time as the Competitive License.

    Membership to EC is now called a Competitive License. All exhibitors, owners, trainers, riders, drivers, handlers MUST join EC with a Competitive License to be able to compete in any EC sanctioned show.

    Call EC at (613) 287-1515 Toll Free: 1-866-282-8395or fax (613) 248-3484 with any questions or apply to Equine Canada308 Legget Drive, Suite 100, Ottawa, ON K2B 8K2 Email:www.equinecanada.ca


    This prestigious award will be presented along with a cash prize of one thousand dollars ($1 000) to the winning breeder.


    The horse must be CANADIAN BRED or OWNED.

    The horse must be registered with the CANADIAN ARABIAN HORSE REGISTRY, CANADIAN PARTBRED ARABIAN REGISTRY or the ARABIAN HORSE REGISTRY; CANADIAN OWNED, as recorded by the certificate of registration and be registered with the Canadian Arabian Horse Registry or the Canadian Partbred Arabian Registry.

    The horse must be properly entered in the Western Canadian Breeders show and have attached a photocopy of the Canadian Arabian Horse Registry or Canadian Partbred Arabian Registry or active Arabian Horse Association (Canadian Bred/US Owned) registration certificate (front and back).


    Any breeder may enter as many horses in the show as he or she wishes. However, for points toward the breeders cup, only a breeders top three horses will qualify.

    Points will be awarded to horses in all classes enteredhalter and performance. 4

  • Points will be awarded as follows:

    Champion 10 points

    Reserve Champion 7 points

    Third Place 4 points

    Fourth Place 3 points

    Fifth Place 2 points

    Sixth Place 1 point

    Points will be added up during the show for each breeder and the breeder with the most points on his top scoring (one to three) horses will be recognized as the top breeder for that year.

    In case of a tie, the cash prize will be split equally among winners.


    Sport Horse/Dressage Judge: Karen Ashbee Calgary, Alberta

    WCB Judges: Greg Gallun Santa Ynez, CA

    Van Jacobsen Rochester, MN

    Pam Zimmerman Fort Saskatchewan, AB

    EC Steward: Dr. Jackie Taylor Nipawin, SK


  • Ph. 306-862-5594/W 306-862-4488

    Email: drjackie.taylor@gmail.com

    Show Chairperson Bob Wasylyk Porcupine Plain, SK

    Ph. 306-278-7765

    Email: bc.wasylyk@sasktel.net

    Show Secretary Cheryl Sproule Melfort, SK

    Ph. 306-752-4240

    Email: rocher.r@sasktel.net

    Veterinarian Large Animal Clinic

    University of Saskatchewan 306-966-7178

    Farrier TBA

    Show Personnel

    Chairman Bob Wasylyk email: bc.wasylyk@sasktel.net


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