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    West Waukesha Bypass ProjectWest Waukesha Bypass Project

    Design Phase Public Information MeetingApril 6, 2016Design Phase Public Information MeetingApril 6, 2016

  • Meeting Purpose Provide background information Present project update

    Three separate construction projects Construction plans for each project Design/construction schedules

    Describe refinements since Record of Decision Refined Pebble Creek West alignment Green Lane extension Changes to resource impacts and real estate acquisition

    Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) reevaluation Purpose of a reevaluation Summary of content

  • Background Information In late 2014, the Final EIS for West Waukesha Bypass Study,

    which identified the preferred alternative, was completed In January 2015, the Federal Highway Administration approved

    the projects Record of Decision The Record of Decision is FHWAs final approval of the study,

    and it represented the end of the study phase Design began shortly after the Record of Decision was


  • Final Design and Construction In the study phase, the 5-mile corridor was considered one

    project Based on the 2009 Memorandum of Understanding, the

    corridor is divided into three construction projects: City of Waukesha (Rolling Ridge Dr. to Northview Rd.) Waukesha County (Northview Rd. to Fiddlers Creek Dr.) WisDOT (Fiddlers Creek Dr. to WIS 59)

  • Roadway Improvements

    Meadowbrook Rd. and Merrill Hills Rd. expanded from 2-lanes to 4-lanes with a raised median

    On new alignment south of Madison St. to WIS 59 Side roads will be reconstructed to tie into Meadowbrook Rd. and

    Merrill Hills Rd. Intersections improved to accommodate 4-lane roadway Traffic signals at Rolling Ridge Dr., Northview Rd., USH 18,

    Madison St., Sunset Dr., WIS 59, and Saylesville Rd. Shared-use path extended along the east side of Merrill Hills Rd.

    to Sunset Dr., and sidewalk will be extended from Northview Rd. to Kame Terrace

  • Work in Waters of the U.S.

    Pipes/culverts that carry Pebble Creek under Meadowbrook Rd., Merrill Hills Rd., and USH 18 will be extended or reconstructed

    New bridges will be constructed over Pebble Creek on County X and west of the existing Pebble Creek Bridge on Merrill Hills Rd.

    The City project includes flood mitigation work between Lancaster Dr. and Northview Rd. east of Meadowbrook in the area of the future park

    Measures to improve stormwater quality such as dry ponds and flat-bottomed ditches are planned in the three projects

  • Design/Construction Schedule

  • Changes Since Record of Decision

  • Design Refinements (Pebble Creek West and Green Lane)

    In fall 2015, Waukesha County refined the Pebble Creek West Alternative north and south of Sunset Dr.

    The refined design, called the Rotated Pebble Creek West alignment, avoids a spring-fed wetland south of Sunset Dr.

    WisDOT and Waukesha County view the design refinement as important in obtaining a required approval from the COE before construction can begin on WisDOTs project

  • Rotated Pebble Creek West & Pebble Creek West Impact Comparison


  • Rotated Pebble Creek West & Pebble Creek West Impact Comparison


    Changes in Farmland ImpactRotated Pebble Creek West Impact

    (acres)Pebble Creek West Impact (acres)

    Bypass Green Lane Bypass Green Lane

    Cropland (acres) 10.4 1.4 9.5 1.8

    Non-Cropland (acres) 1.8 0.0 0.9 0.0

    Total 12.2 1.4 10.4 1.8

    Alternative Total (acres) 13.6 12.2

  • Rotated Pebble Creek West & Pebble Creek West Impact Comparison

    Uplands/Interior Forest Habitat

  • New Information since 2014 Northern Long-eared Bat

    Listed as a federally threatened species by US Fish and Wildlife Service in 2015 (after Record of Decision approved)

    Real estate acquisition Regulated material near railroad

  • Final EIS Reevaluation

  • Reevaluation Background A reevaluation considers changes in the project/study including

    changes in the design of a project, project area changes, or new information in general

    After the Record of Decision is approved, reevaluations are necessary at certain points in a project to establish whether or not the Final EIS decisions remain valid

    The finding of a reevaluation is that the National Environmental Policy Act decision or documentation is valid OR that additional analysis (a new document) is required

  • Draft Reevaluation Content Background information on the potential realignment of Green

    Lane and the Rotated Pebble Creek West alignment Resource impacts of the Rotated Pebble Creek West alignment New information:

    Northern Long-eared Bat study results Updated real estate acquisition information Updated regulated material information near the railroad

  • Conclusion For more information about the West Waukesha Bypass Project,

    visit waukeshabypass.org Exhibits on display at this meeting, including the design plans, will

    be placed on the project website Comment forms available tonight; please submit by April 20, 2016

  • Project Contacts

    WisDOT Project WIS 59 to Fiddlers Creek Dr.

    Doug Caindouglas.cain@dot.wi.gov WisDOT (262) 548-5603

    County Project Fiddlers Creek Dr. to Northview Rd.

    Gary Evansgevan@waukeshacounty.gov

    Waukesha County (262) 548-7746

    City ProjectNorthview Rd. toRolling Ridge Dr.

    Margaret Liedtkemliedtke@ci.Waukesha.wi.us

    City of Waukesha (262) 524-3589

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