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Wes-Del WarriorAthletics

Wes-Del WarriorAthleticsWes-Del WarriorAthletics

Parent/Student Meeting2015-2016Warrior Athletic OfficePhone: 358-4091 Fax: 358-3514

Athletic Director Mr. Kye Denney kdenney@wes-del.orgAthletic Secretary Mrs. Deb Baldwin dbaldwin@wes-del.orgHours8 am 3:00 pmor by appointmentHigh School Coaching Staff

Cheerleading Danielle HiattCross Country Kelsie SimmonsFootball Brad HessGolf Chad DelaneyVolleyball Biff WilsonMiddle School Coaching Staff

Cheerleading Kelsie SimmonsCross Country Lori PaskiewczFootball Collin Thompson Andy CullumVolleyball Tiffany Keeley (8th) Myranda Foster (7th) Anne Marie Davis (6th) WARRIORAthletic Philosophy

* Positive experience for Student-Athletes.* Athletic participation is a privilege.* Educational Based Athletics.

COMMUNICATION* Key to preventing problems during season.

* The Athletic Department/Coaches will provide athletes and parents timely information and expectations for the season so that we can avoid a breakdown in communication.

Parent/Coach Communication Proper Procedure (Chain of Command) 1. Start with coach: set up an appointment. 2. If not satisfied: set up an appointment with Mr. Denney. 3. If not satisfied: set up an appointment with Mr. Mealy. 4. If not satisfied: set up an appointment with Mr. Bush.

Parent/Coach Communicationcont.

Proper Environment and Topics* Please refrain from asking a coach questions before, during, or after a practice/contest.

* Non-discussable topics 1. playing time 2. other team members


* Athletic handbook on www.wdathletics.com

* 365 day commitment.


* Conduct unbecoming of a Wes-Del athlete will not be tolerated.

* Wes-Del athletes are expected to exhibit behavior that brings credibility to the athlete, his/her family, the athletic department, and the school.


* A meeting will be scheduled within 72 hours of any instance where an athlete brings discredit upon Wes-Del Middle/High School.

* The athlete, his/her parents, and any coaches deemed necessary will attend such meetings with the school administration.


* Physical- must be cleared and signed by physician with an unlimited license.* Check all signatures carefully.* Completed physical form must be on file in the athletic office before participation may occur.* A Nurse Practitioner may sign the physical form but the Physician whom the Nurse Practitioner practices under must also sign the form to meet IHSAA standards.


* Emergency Medical Card- Each student who will be working with or participating on an athletic team must have a notarized emergency Medical Card.* The card will be kept in the med-kit in case of injury.* Allows treatment to begin before parent/guardian arrives at medical facility.* No student-athlete will travel without an emergency medical card.


* Concussion/Cardiac Arrest Forms- HS Parent and athletes are required to read and sign these forms before participating in first scheduled contest.

* Drug Testing Consent Form- Must be signed by both parent and student athlete before practicing.


* Must pass 5 classes each grading period* Eligibility commences and expires with the distribution of grade cards* Semester grades take precedence over grading periods* Eligibility sheet in order for ineligible athletes to practice


* An athlete MUST attend one-half day(4 full periods) to participate

Saturday School, and after school detention* if assigned, you must go* participation permitted after completion

Travel Release Forms

Benefits from riding team bus * Educational time for coaches * Communication with Athletes *Team unity and bonding Please use only when necessary

* Form goes from parent to coach to athletic office 48 hours in advance

Contests at Other Schools

* Contact WD administration if there is a problem * Do not contact other school administration directly


RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE STUDENT-ATHLETEThe responsibility of players with regards to sportsmanship is second in importance only to the coach. Because players are admired and respected, they can exert a great deal of influence over the actions and behaviors of spectators.

WHAT YOU CAN DO1. Treat opponents with the respect they deserve as guests and fellow human beings.2. Shake hands with opponents and wish them good luck before and after the contest.3. Exercise self-control at all times, accepting decisions and abiding by them.4. Respect the integrity and judgment of the officials. Never argue or make gestures indicatingthe dislike of a decision.5. Accept both victory and defeat with pride and compassion, being neither boastful nor bitter.Congratulate opponents in a sincere manner following either victory or defeat.



1. Realize that a ticket is a privilege to observe a contest and support high school activities. It isnot a license to verbally assault anyone or act in an outrageous manner.2. Realize that athletics are part of the educational experience and that its benefits go beyondthe final score of the contest.3. Respect the decisions made by officials and learn the rules of the game to better understandtheir decisions.4. Participate in positive cheers and refrain from encouraging those who take away from thespirit of the contest.5. Respect and support the task of the coaches.6. Respect opponents as students, and acknowledge them for striving to do their best.7. Be a parent your child would be proud of! Be a fan, not a fanatic!


Champions Of Character Challenge Computing Sportsmanship score:-20 pts. Ejection of Administrator-20 pts. Ejection of Coach-10 pts. Ejection of Fan-5 pts. Ejection of Student Athlete

10095 Excellent 8970 Watch: Member school is notified 6960 Probation: < 60 Needs Improvement: Meeting with Commissioner and IHSAA Executive Committee to provide a performance plan.


President: Stacy Carmin

Vice President: Amy Townsend

Secretary: Cecilia Wylie

Treasurer: Michele Stephenson


* Available tonight or in the office from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

* Student all events $40.00* Adult all events $70.00* Family Pack $200.00 (Immediate Family)


Senior citizen must show ID, there will not be a designated pass from Wes-Del

Athletic Website


Team Meetings

Football: AuditoriumHS Volleyball: HS GymnasiumMS Cross Country: LibraryMS Volleyball: HS CafeteriaHS CC: HS Teachers LoungeGirls Golf: No MeetingMS Volleyball: No MeetingHS Volleyball: No Meeting


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