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Welcomes You All. Village Of KALABANG gHAREDI. www.kalabanggharedi.co.uk. Introduction Founding Members Current Executive Members Advisors Association Objectives Progress Report Future Programme Conclusion. Presentation Programme. Founding Members. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Welcomes You All

Welcomes You All

Village OfKALABANG gHAREDI www.kalabanggharedi.co.ukPresentation ProgrammeIntroductionFounding MembersCurrent Executive MembersAdvisorsAssociation ObjectivesProgress ReportFuture ProgrammeConclusionFounding Members

Capt (Retd) Prem Kumar Gurung ChiefMrs Bishnu Gurung

Mr Shrichandra Gurung

Mr Tika Parsad Gurung

Mr Surya GurungCurrent Executive Members

Jum B GurungChairman

Mrs Krishna GurungV/Chairman

Mr Yam K Gurung Secretary

Mr Bhim Mahendra GurungTreasurer

Mr Surya GurungEntertainment/PRAdvisorsTotal Existing Registered Members = 34

Capt (Retd) Prem Kumar Gurung Chief

Mrs Laxmi Gurung

Mr Shrichandra Gurung

Mr Nar Bahadur Gurung

Mr Chinkaji Gurung

Mrs Bishnu GurungMr Tek Bahadur GurungMr Krishna Bahadur Gurung

Mr Tika Parsad GurungAssociation ObjectivesTo provide and support the inclusion and integration of members of Klalabang Gharedi and their families into British Society and to foster mutual friendship, understanding and goodwill between the other communities.

To relieve poverty, sickness and financial hardship and promote and preserve good health by the provision of funds, good or services either generally or individually to member of Klabang Gharedi and their families in the UK.

To advance education, training and retraining and cultural development for all members of Samaj families by such means as the Samaj thinks fit.Progress Report (1)Support provided:500 - as a financial help provided to Mr PRABAT GURUNG (student) for his return journey costs120 - contributed to Kalabng Gharedi village association.1,300 - 26 members of this Association contributed to Bhagawati Primary School

Progress Report (2)Administration grant received:500 received from Swindon Borough Council for the following purposes:Purchase of a printer 75.28Booking meeting places for the Association - 52.80

Future ProgrammeRequires financial help in order to improve their social live

Aim for more social activities in the future

Arrange group visit to important places to familiarise with the British culture and their way of life

ConclusionEstablished in 2009 and present in the UK

Poor Achievement of Aim

Aim for more social activities in the future

Aim for more grants in order to improve their daily lifeThank you for being with us