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Welcome to Session 1 Reading/Writing Connection. Writing at UPMS Warm Up Activity. Directions: Use any Thinking Maps of your choice to highlight the Writing Strategies you use in your classroom. Be Creative Use Color Add Pictures. Write… From the Beginning K-3. Write… From the - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Welcome to Session 1


  • Writing at UPMSWarm Up ActivityDirections: Use any Thinking Maps of your choice to highlight the Writing Strategies you use in your classroom.Be CreativeUse ColorAdd Pictures

  • WriteFrom theBeginningK-3WriteFrom theBeginningK-5WriteFor theFuture6-12PersonalandImaginativeNarrativePersonalandImaginativeNarrativeandExpositoryWritingWriting to Explain (Why, How, POV)Summary/ParaphraseWriting to PersuadeWriting To InformProblem/SolutionWriting to EvaluateCause and EffectWriting to DefineResponse to LiteratureDescriptive WritingAutobiographical IncidentThis is the DomainProgression fromWriteFrom the Beginning to WriteFor the Future?

  • Orlando 2006 scores Growth in students scoring 3.5+Edgewater HS 77% ---- 78%Olympia HS 85% ---- 88%Oak Ridge HS 55% --- 59%Jones HS 44% --- 66%Apopka MS 71 % --- 80%Howard MS 62 % --- 71%Liberty MS 63% --- 71%Stonewall Jackson MS 61 % --- 67%

  • Edgewater HS ESOL2005 to 200632 10th graders25 passed with 3.5 or higherOut of 25, 2 scored a 6, 3 scored a 5, the remaining scored 3.5-4.5No UsJust 1 student scored a 1.0 who had been at school for less than 1 weekThe additional 6 who did not pass scored between 2-3.0

  • What is theintended outcome of WriteFor theFuture?Good (Effective) WritingThrough:StructureStrategies [Activities]Style/Voice (Conferencing)Scoring (Analytic)

    The Four Ss

  • The 4 Ms= MasteryThe 4Cs= Brain ResearchMapping (visualModeling (show)Monitoring (1 chunk at a time)Mastery

    Based upon quantity and quality!

    Color (Red, Black, Blue, Green)Retain 20% more 3 weeks, 33% 6 weeksConsistencyChunckingCommon Visual Language

  • What is Good Writing?

    Generating ideas (for different purposes, audiences, and in different contexts)

    Organizing and prioritizing those ideas

    Revising the ideas and the writers language

    ***Using a range of strategies, such as elaboration, classification, description, comparison and contrast, and cause and effect

    Editing ones own work

    Creating a final product(adapted from the ELA Standard Course of Study)

    In other words, supporting details are no longer adequate! Students should be using multiple strategies to develop support and elaboration!

  • A manual written--

    To be teacher friendlyTo assist teachers in preparing students for multiple types of reading and writing assignmentsTo serve as a resource and quick reference


    To become more focused in their writingTo become more organized in their writingTo add more support for their main ideasTo use more effective transitional devices in their writingTo demonstrate a greater command of conventions in their writing

  • The WFF Manual

  • Time to get to work

  • Benchmark: LA.A. 1.3.2/1.4.2

    The student uses a variety of strategies

    to analyze words and textsto draw conclusions/inferencesto analyze context and word structure cluesto recognize organizational patterns

  • 1324

  • SPINEThe Backbone; Spinal ColumnA pointed, hard growth of an animal; as a porcupines quillThe hinged back of a bookA pointed, hard growth on a plant, as a thornWhile at your desk, you should sit with your spine straight.The spines of the cactus really hurt me.

  • Definition And Part of SpeechImageSynonymAntonymContext SentenceOriginal SentenceWord

  • Propagandainformation, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation, etc. nounhypedownplayOld Major uses some techniques of propaganda in his speech to the animals Most politicians use propaganda to get people to vote for them

  • Your Turn!Choose from the list below and create Vocab Circle Maps on 3 of the words.

    TotalitarianismAdvocateTyrannyPre-eminentExpoundUnalterableObstinateCrypticPretextManifestArticulatelaborious*All words above are vocabulary from Animal Farm*

    This same concept is illustrated in a map done in Singapore.