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welcome to our class. Unit 1 Festivals around the world. Teacher : Chuyi. Discussion. How many festivals do you know both in and out of China?. The Chinese festivals and holidays:. Chinese holidays . Festival of Lanterns. National Day. Dragon Boat Festival. Childrens Day. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • How many festivals do you know both in and out of China?Discussion

  • The Chinese festivals and holidays:

  • Holidays

    Chinese holidays International Womens Day

    New Years DayChildrens DayNational DayThe YouthDayInternational Labour DayTeachers DaySpring FestivalFestival of LanternsDragon Boat FestivalMid-Autumn Day

  • Festivals in foreign countries

  • festivalsFestivals of foreign countries ChristmasFoolsDayValentinesDay

    CarnivalEasterThanksgiving DayMothersDayFathersDayHalloween

  • Words preview: take place/ happen / come about / break out beauty (n.); beautiful (adj.) harvest (n.) / (v.) mean to do / mean doing Useful expressions

  • Festivals are meant to celebratetimes of year. Work in groups andlist below three more Chinesefestivals that you know. Discuss whenthey take place, what they celebrateand what people do at that time.Then tell the group which festival isyour favorite and why.

  • FestivalTime ofYear/dateWhat it celebratesWhat people doMid-autumnFestivalautumnfallThe beauty of the full moonharvest time with family and friendsGive and eat mooncakes, watch the full moon with family and friends

  • FestivalTime ofYear/dateWhat it celebratesWhat people doSpring FestivalJanuaryFebruaryThe end of the winterLunar New Year reunion with family and relativesGive money in red paper to childreneat fish and dumplingsvisit family members

  • FestivalTime ofYear/dateWhat it celebratesWhat people doNationalDayOctober 1The founding of the Peoples Republic of China in 1949Take time off work; travel to visit family or to see other parts of China; go shopping

  • FestivalTime ofYear/dateWhat it celebratesWhat people doDragon Boat FestivalThe fifth day of the fifth month in lunar calendarThe memory of the beloved poet QuYuan who died in 278 BCEat Zongzi;watch dragon boat races in memory of Qu Yuan

  • What is your favourite festival? Why?Which part of it do you like best - the music, the things to see, the visits or the food?

    Tips : My favourite is I like best. I prefer . I enjoy/like.Oral Practice :Pre- reading:

  • Qu Yuan was a great poet who people honour a lot in China.Mid-autumn Festival is held to celebrate the end of autumn.TF SummaryT or F

  • How did you spend your Spring Festival?

  • The Spring Festival may take place in February. It is on lunar 1st of January.At the Spring Festival, people have plenty of food and fruit, and may give children lucky money in red paper.People studying or working in other cities and countries will look forward to seeing their relatives and friends, so that they will come back and have fun with them.People ,especially children ,will dress up during the Spring Festival.On New Years Eve, people will have a dinner , watch the Spring Festival programme, watch fireworks, set off firecrackers

  • What can we learn in this class ?

  • Homework:Group A Remember the names of festivals Group B Writing: Whats your favorite festival ?Group A / B Preview the next part about reading to get the main idea.

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