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WELCOME TO OUR CLASS. UNIT 12. Unit 12. listening. Warming up. 1, B 2, D 3, C 4, A. 1,What kind of paintings do you like?. 2, Describe one of your favourite paintings. 3,If you were asked to choose or paint a painting that shows who you are inside, what kind of painting would it be?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Warming up1, B 2, D 3, C 4, A1,What kind of paintings do you like?2, Describe one of your favourite paintings.3,If you were asked to choose or paint a painting that shows who you are inside, what kind of painting would it be?

  • Listen to the tape and fill in the missing information below.1,Art:_____________Palace:____________ Time:_______________________________ _______________________________ Price:Adults:________Children:___________Groups:_____________Paintings/PicassoCapital MuseumMonday Friday 8am-----6pm; Saturday & Sunday 4pm---8pm$5$3$2(min.5 people)

  • Listen to the tape and fill in the missing information below.2,Art:_____________Palace:_____________________________ Time:_______________________________Price:Adults:________Students:___________Children under 14:___________Groups:_____________Beijing OperaMusic Hall,on Green Street,next to the cinemaThursday at 7 pm$7$5$4$3

  • Listen to the tape and fill in the missing information below.3,Art:____________________________Palace:___________________ Time:_______________________________Price:Adults:________Children under 18:___________Groups:_____________A Theatre play---The TempestGrand TheatreMarch 3,7pm$10$8$6

  • Speaking Situation 1 - Hi Sam, this is Jenny. Would you like to go to see a film on Sunday? - Sure. Which film do you want to see? -Well, I have read about two films. One is called Last Chance.it is an action film about a hero who has to save his girlfriend. - Hmm, it sounds like therell be lots of shootings and fights in the film. What is

  • The other film about? - It is called Under the Moon and is a romantic comedy about a girl and her boyfriend who have an adventurous vacation. It says here that the film is sweet and funny and has a happy ending. -That sounds much better. Lets see that one. When is the film shown? -Sunday at 8 pm at the Green Field Cinema.

  • Situation 2 -Liberty Park,good morning. How can I help you? -I would like to know more about arts festival next week. What can I do at the festival? -Oh, you can do lots of things! You can listen to music, look at paintings by local and international painters, jion the picnic, enjoy a delicious lunch in the park or watch a play . -wow!what paintings can I see at the

  • - Great! Oh, how much are the tickets? -$4. Not too bad. -No problem. Lets goon Sunday then. -Good. See you then, -Bye.

  • festival? -Three of our best local painters are showing their paintings. Two of them are very traditional and like to paint landscapes. The third local painter is a modern artist and her paintings show the world in a different way, the way she sees it. You can also see new and old paintings from France, Japan, Brazil and Norway.-When is the art exhibition?-Oh,there are two,actually. The local painters will show their paintings at 11 am

  • on Saturday and the international exhibition starts at 3 pm on Sunday. Would you like to know where it is?-Yes, please.-The local exhibition is in Building 4 and the international exhibition is in Building 8.-You said that there was a picnic. When is the picnic?-The picnic is at 5 pm on Saturday. -And when is the pop concert?

  • -The pop concert starts at 1 pm on Saturday.-1 pm, I see. Thank you. And what about the folk music concert?-It starts at 6 pm on Sunday.-Thanks. Could you please tell me how much the tickets are?-Yes. You can buy a one-day ticket or a two-day ticket.which do you prefer?-Id prefer to buy a two-day ticket.-The two-day ticket is $35 for adults, $25 for people under 18 and $15 for groups.

  • -Hmm, Im 17, so I suppose my ticket would be $25 then.-Yes, thats right.-Thank you very much, you have been very helpful. I cant wait to go to the festival!-Youre welcome. I hope you will enjoy the festival.

  • 19652000720032.81225

  • -J.K.(J.K.Rowling)-461,4-1.2511-

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  • 1,Have you read any of Harry Potter books or watched the films? 2, Harry Potter has magical powers. Do you know of any other heroes who have strange powers?3, Do you like to watch magic tricks?have you ever tried doing a magic trick?Pre-readingDiscuss the questions:

  • Questions:1, Why is Harrys life miserable before he goes to Hogwards?2,What does Harry learn about himself at Hogwarts?3,Why does Rowling use strange creatures in her books?4, Do you think that we can learn about the real world by reading novels?

  • True or false:1,( ) Harry Potter is a world-famous writer.2,( ) Harry Potter was born in a rich family and grew up with his mother and father.3,( ) Harry Potter is a boy with a scar on his forehead.4, ( ) Harry goes to an ordinary school.5,( ) Harry learns a lot about the real world at Hogwarts.6,( )Harry discovers that it is easy to do the right thing.FFFTTF

  • v./n./adj./interj. 1) Welcome to...Welcome to our school.......2) Give sb a warm welcome Lets give Mr Jackson a warm welcome.3) You are welcome.

  • 1),seem (to be)The little girl always seem (to be ) happy.2), seem likeIt seems like years since I last saw you.3), It seems that / as if ...It seems as of it is going to rain.It seems that he has known everything.

  • treat as/like (/)They treated me as one of the family,which was very kind of them.treat a disease/sb. (/)He is seriously ill,and is being treated in hospital now. treat sb to()Ill treat you to lunch/fish this evening.It is my treat today.We must think of ways to treat the waste water.The problem has been treated many times by these experts so far.

  • You ought to do sth about that cough.What shall we do about lunch,go to a restaurant or have it at home?But for the rain we should have had a pleasant journey.But for your help we should not have finished in time.

  • What I said at the meeting was more than a joke.He more than smiled,he laughed just now.I came across him in the street yesterday. He suddenly across an idea.

  • 1),2),3),;You can believe in him; hell never let you down.

    We believe in Marxism.

    They dont believe in kindness to criminals.I believe in plenty of fresh air and exercise.I believe in keeping early hours.

  • Word study1,Harry has a scar on his forehead. part of a persons face,above the eyes2,The girl likes to read about strange creatures. an animal or other beingA person who knows magic3,Harry Potter is a wizard.4,Harry comes across a series of adventures. a number of things that come one after another

  • Grammar 1, E-mail is fast and cheap. Many people use e-mail,which is fast and cheap,to make friends. 2,Hiking is full of adventure. They often go hiking,which is full of adventure. 3, The earthquake took place in Gansu Province. In the earthquake,which took place in Gansu Province,a number of people died.

  • 4,The painters name is Leonardo da Vinci. The world-famous painter,whose name is Leonardo da Vinci,painted Mona Lisa. 5, The villagers were building a school. The villagers,who were building a school,discovered an ancient tomb. 6,The all-star concert will be held in the Workers Stadium. How much is the ticket for the all-star concert,which will be held in the Workers Stadium?