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Welcome to our class. Mrs. Kristi Buckner Cook (KB Cook). contact information. Email Kristi.Cook@acboe.net School website teacher page School number 365-6277. First Week information. Students wear yellow bus tag everyday! Even if not riding the bus. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Welcome to our class

Welcome to our classMrs. Kristi Buckner Cook(KB Cook)contact informationEmail Kristi.Cook@acboe.net

School website teacher page

School number 365-6277

First Week information

Students wear yellow bus tag everyday! Even if not riding the bus.

Car riders will be dismissed at 2:40 and will go to the front of the school. Anyone picking up child MUST have yellow car rider sign in front window. Write childs name in black marker.GradesPercentages and pass/fail criteria are determined by the acobe.

Students will receive numerical grades in Reading, Language Arts (spelling, grammar, writing), Math, Science and Social Studies

50% of the average will come from tests and projects.

50% of the average will come from daily work.

Students will receive S,N, or U in PE and handwriting.


Sign and return dailyBehavior chart and work chart are to be checked daily and signed by parent. Items are NOT to be removed from binder. These are to be used at home and at school.Binders contain:Behavior chartwork chartschool calendar9 weeks planSpelling listsvocabulary listsTouchmath TouchpointsHundreds chartlunch menu

DisciplineMrs. Kristi Cooks Discipline Planclothes pin not moved - free time on Friday & treasure box. Receives a warning & does not change his/her behavior - clothes pin moved - teacher-student conference & loss of 5 minutes of free time on Friday. clothes pin moved twice - student writes a note home to parents, explaining which rule was broken, what they did, why they did it, and what they should have done. The teachers comments will be added to the note. Student will take the note home for the parent to sign, handle the situation and return the note the following day 10 minutes lost from Friday free time, no treat from the treasure box clothes pin three times - I will be contacting a parent by phone. Fourth time in one week - office referral. All clothes pins are moved back on Monday mornings.

APT Please join APTIts free!

Meet once a month (Dates are in school handbook calendar)

Helps you stay connected with your childs school

PPS.APT@gmail.com remind #: 334-239-0356Misc. info

Any changes in transportation MUST be sent in writing and cleared by the front office.

Please send changes in phone numbers in writing so they may be sent to office. Checks will not be accepted after orientation night. Money sent to the school should be in a labeled folder or Ziploc bag. Remind set up