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Welcome to our class !. Natural Disasters Reading2. 6. 4. 2. Help came. I was trapped. People ran out of the shopping centre. 3. 1. 5. I screamed for help. Was it thunder ?. The wall came down. in a shopping center ____________________. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Natural Disasters Reading2

  • I was trapped .People ran out of the shopping centre .Help came .Was it thunder ? I screamed for help . The wall came down .123456

  • 1 . Timmy was in a restaurant when the earthquake started .

    2 . Timmy heard a loud noise of thunder at first. .3 . People ran wildly everywhere .

    4 . Timmy was trapped in a dark place when the earthquake stopped .

    in a shopping center ____________________ _____________________________felt a slight shaking through his body

  • 5 . Timmy had nothing to eat when he was trapped under the bricks and stones .

    6 . People found Timmy during the day .

    7 . Timmy didnt try to run out to the street .

    8 . Timmy didnt survive the earthquake .

    a packet of chocolate ____________________________tried his best ____________ survived

  • wh questions for your classmates

  • Interview:

    Timmy .partner Come on !A: Nice to meet you, Timmy. Im the reporter from CCTV.B: Nice to meet you too.A: Could you tell me something about your lucky escape().B: Sure.A: When ?/where/what/how/why?

  • reportTimmy is a teenager . He lives in T________. He s________ the earthquake in 1999 . He first heard a big noise like t______ in the shopping center .Then the noise became really loud . It sounded like b_____under the ground . After that , pieces of glass and b______ fell down .Finally , the noise and s_______ ended , he was t_______and could not get out .He tried to shout for h____ .At last people m_____away the bricks and stones and s______ him .aiwan urvivedhunder ombs ricks haking rapped elp oved aved

  • What will you do when you were in danger?

    Fire / earthquake / thunder and lightning

  • Thank you !