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Welcome To MSM. Marketing 481 Honors Promotions Management. Client Goals. “To create a grass-roots marketing campaign to increase excitement, want and desire of the Chevrolet Cobalt” 250,000 Advertising Impressions 100,000 Public Relations Impressions 700 “Butts-in-Seats”. Research - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Welcome To MSMMarketing 481 Honors Promotions Management

  • Client Goals To create a grass-roots marketing campaign to increase excitement, want and desire of the Chevrolet Cobalt250,000 Advertising Impressions100,000 Public Relations Impressions700 Butts-in-Seats

  • Outline of Presentation

    Research Public RelationsAdvertisingStrategyBudgetSummary

  • Research

  • Goals

    Measure our target markets impressions, perceptions, and opinions of the Cobalt

    Identify our target markets interests, behaviors, needs, and desires towards vehicles

  • Objectives

    Provide useful feedback from our target market

    Measure the effectiveness of our campaign

  • Strategies and Tactics

    Deliver pre-event and post-event surveys to our target market

    Analyze and share results by comparing pre-event and post-event surveys

  • Survey

    Sample Size: 230Blank Questionnaire Please see Campaign Proposal (pg 62-65)Questionnaire With ResultsPlease see Campaign Proposal (pg 66-69)

  • Graph

  • Graph

  • Graph

  • Graph

  • Statistics

    Name local Chevrolet dealer75.7% of students could not recall Burns as their Rock Hill Chevrolet dealer

    Choice of dealership in Rock Hill27.4% of students would most likely shop at Burns Chevrolet

  • Public Relations

  • Objectives

    Obtain 8 stories in various media Total Projected Impressions 191,000 impressionsObtain air time donated by a local TV or radio station Convince at least 5 media members to attend the event

  • Strategies

    Develop relationships with media contacts

    Assure media coverage before, during, and after the event

    Distribute media kit pre-event

  • Timeline and ExplanationCompiled Media Contact ListPress Release # 1Solicitation LetterPress Release # 2Media KitsEvent Press Release # 3

  • Advertising

  • Objectives

    Create buzz about the Chevrolet Cobalt

    Create awareness for the Chevrolet Colorado, Equinox and Aveo

    Build hype and win attendance for the campus event

    Reinforce the cool brand image of the Chevrolet Cobalt

  • Strategies

    Target Generation Y with the campaign tagline

    Create ads that incorporate the Chevrolet tagline, Chevrolets bowtie logo, pictures of the Cobalt, and noisiVisions tagline and logo

    Incorporate the campaign tagline on everything to ensure it is viewed as the signature of our campaign

  • Tactics

    500 Color Flyers

    500 Black & White Flyers

    3 Advertisements in The Johnsonian

    2 Advertisements in The Herald

    Total projected impressions1,322,902 impressions

    College Facebook

  • Advertisements

  • Advertisements

  • Flyers

  • Flyers

  • Promotional Items

  • College FacebookOnline directory & social networking community

    1,978 Winthrop members

    First advertiser ever on the site Ads promoting the Cobalt & the event

  • Strategy

  • Objectives

    Create awareness for the Chevrolet CobaltCreate awareness for the Chevrolet Colorado, Equinox and AveoTarget Generation Y with the campaign tagline: "Drive your Generation: Chevy Cobalt"

  • Strategies

    Put on an event to inform and create awareness

    Change consumer perception of Chevrolet

    Change consumer behavior and create desire

  • Schedule of Events

    2 mini-events Event 1: March 30th from 11-2 pmEvent 2: March 31st from 11-2 pmCobalt on displayFrisbees, flyers, brochures and business cards will be passed out

  • Schedule of Events

    Main event April 1, 2005 from 5-11 pm on Dinkins LawnInteractive games with cars7 cars (4 Cobalts, 1 Colorado, 1 Equinox, 1 Aveo)

  • Interactive GamesCobalt 1- Lawn show caseCobalt 2 Jail GameCobalt 3 Raffle boxCobalt 4 Cram and Musical ChairsColorado Tug of War and Truckball Equinox Scavenger Hunt Aveo Changing Clothes

  • Campaign Response FormTrying to get it in power point

  • Preferred Title

    Please send me information on the following Chevrolet models(s):










    First Name

    Last Name




    Zip Code

    E-Mail Address

    Daytime Phone

    Evening Phone

    Indique aqu si le gustara recibir la informacin en espaol de su auto (donde est disponible).

    How many makes and models are you currently considering or looking at?


    4 or more

    Not sure yet

    Are you planning to visit a dealer within the next month?



    Have already visited a dealer

    May provide your information to a local dealer for follow-up?



    Im planning on:


    1 month

    7-12 months


    1-3 months

    More than 1 year

    4-6 months


    Are you interested in taking a test drive at a local dealership?




  • Event Layout

  • Byrnes Auditorium

  • Budget

  • Allocation of Funds

    Research$ FreePublic Relations$ 100Advertising$ 1,100Strategy$ 800Reports$ 300Other Expenses$ 100Miscellaneous$ 100Grand Total $ 2,500

  • Conclusion

    Any questions, comments or concerns?

    Wills slide: will introduce himself and his group members.