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Welcome to Mondays Class. Only 5 classes left !!!! Wed . Course Evals Mon. Final Test. Test 6 Return. Overall excellent, but be aware of grammar of spoken phrases. What do you thing about _____?. 1/11. Can you speak that again?. 2/11. I respect you idea, but. 3/11. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Welcome to D1 Written Communication

Welcome to Mondays ClassOnly 5 classes left!!!! Wed. Course EvalsMon. Final Test

Test 6 ReturnOverall excellent, but be aware of grammar of spoken phrases.What do you thing about _____?1/11Can you speak that again?2/11I respect you idea, but3/11What do you think about?4/11What can we do on this problem?5/11Could you repeat your talking.6/11I couldnt get your words.7/11Could you say one more about your opinion?8/11We need to think more this opinion.9/11I can see what you say, but I another idea.10/11What can be done for this?11/11LRP 3 ReturnAwesome work!*Be aware of grammar and pronunciation problems.Debate Evals Return and FeedbackEye ContactDebate PleasantriesTransitionsAudience ParticipationUnit 12 Sociology/Marriage (Sorry, Quang!)

Unit 12Connect to the Topic p. 112Build Your Vocabulary p. 113-114Focus Your Attention p. 115Listen to the Lecture p. 116

HomeworkDo Extend the Topic parts B and C on p. 121. Be prepared to talk about your opinions about the future of marriage in your country and necessary personal qualities for marriage.Debate 2.2 on FridayTest on FridayFinal exam on MondayDebate 2.3 on MondayDebate Teams (Round Two)Team 1 Leon N., YunJie, James, Sharon, Alex, HoareahTeam 2 Leon P., Jane, Abdul, Quang, Beverly, JeffTeam 3 Sam, Woody, Doris, Peggy, MJDebate Timeline(revised 11/14)Planning Period 13 minutesA Team Opening Statement3 minutesB Team Opening Statement3 minutesPlanning Period 23 minutesB Team Response3 minutesA Team Response3 minutesPlanning Period 33 minutesA Team Final Statement3 minutesB Team Final Statement3 minutesAudience Vote and Response 10 minutes