welcome to miss holcomb ’ s 3 rd grade class !

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Welcome to Miss Holcomb ’ s 3 rd Grade Class !. About Me. Grew up in Anderson, IN Attended Ball State University This will be my 5 th year teaching Love to shop, play sports and read Getting married June 7, 2014 VERY excited to be teaching 3 rd grade. Our Daily Schedule. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Welcome to Miss Holcombs 3rd Grade Class!

  • About MeGrew up in Anderson, INAttended Ball State UniversityThis will be my 5th year teachingLove to shop, play sports and readGetting married June 7, 2014VERY excited to be teaching 3rd grade

  • Our Daily Schedule 8:30-8:45Check-in / Morning Work8:45-10:25Literacy Block10:25-11:15Specials (Day 1: Art, Day 2: Technology, Day 3: P.E., Day 4: Music)11:20-11:50RTI11:50-12:10Recess12:10-12:45Lunch12:50-2:00 Math2:00-2:45Writing2:45-3:15PBL3:15-3:25Pack-up/Dismissal

  • Same as normal daily schedule BUTNO specialsCollaboration time for grade level teachersStudents will have enhanced lessons with special teachers and counselorOur Day 5 Schedule

  • 3rd Grade Instructional Reading Level

  • HomeworkSpelling 3 times a week (Monday-Wednesday)Wednesday Skill Homework Test ThursdayMath4 times a week ( Monday-Thursday)Graded for completionParent letter each unitReading90 minutes a week total. Reading log will be sent home Fridays and is due the next Friday.

  • Grading Scale

    A93-100%A-90-92B+87-89%B83-86%B-80-82%C+77-79%C73-76%C-70-72%D+67-69%D63-66%D-60-62%F0-59%EExcellentSSatisfactoryNINeeds Improvement

  • Classroom AssessmentsMath quiz weekly on MondaySpelling test weekly on ThursdayAll other quiz/ test dates will be on class website and written in assignment notebooks by student

  • SpellingSitton SpellingNot traditional spelling programMORE info on handout

  • Project-Based LearningProjects that encompass all subject areasStudents explore real-world problems and challengesStudents work in collaborative groupsWill cover a lot of Science and Social Studies at this timeMain ideas will include: How community has changed over the years, Bill of Rights and government, saving money and economics, and rocks and minerals.

  • Freedom LevelsSchool wide behavior planLevel 4Student who ALWAYS demonstrates what is expected! Does not need any reminders.Level 3Student who mostly demonstrates what is expected. May need a few reminders. Starting position for all students. Level 2Student who struggles to demonstrate what is expected. Needs multiple remindersLevel 1Students demonstrates major noncompliant behaviors.Student form will be completed weekly; signed on Fridays by you, then returned on Mondays

  • Assignment NotebooksPlease check their assignment notebooks each night to make sure they have completed all their assignments.Parent signature each nightAssignment notebooks should be coming home every night and coming back every day.Take home folders will come home nightly with homework and papers for parents.

  • 3rd Grade AssessmentsACUITY (predictive)end of SeptemberDecemberFebruaryISTEPMarchMayIREADMarch

  • MiscellaneousChange of transportation: send a note in with child or call schoolWellness policy No snacks, birthday treats, etc (allergies)

  • VolunteeringFlexible with times/jobs!Field Trip VolunteersSign Up on Student Permission SlipsNoblesvilleschools.orgParents tab>Forms>Volunteer Noblesville Online FormSign up now, and I will put together a schedule and clear it with everyone!

  • How to know whats going onWeekly newsletters (on class website or email)www.noblesvilles.org>promise road tab> classroom > Miss HolcombCome in and visit!Phone

  • In the RoomMake sure your student signed in by the door

    Make sure you and your student completed all activities listed on the board

  • Thank You for coming!!Im excited for our year together!

    Kayla_holcomb@nobl.k12.in.usPromise Road Phone Number 317-773-7060



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