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Our Back to School Night Presenation


  • 1. Welcome toKindergarten!Back to SchoolSeptember 10, 2012

2. What do we look like? 3. Ms. Lauren I am from the Gold Coast in theQueensland, Australia. I am very closeto my family my Mum, my Dad, and myyounger sister. My younger sister is also a teacher. Sheworks at the Australian InternationalSchool of Singapore. My parents alsolived and worked overseas. I come froma family of travelers.This is my 5th overseas teachingassignment.I have lived in the USA, Tanzania, Slovakiaand Australia.This is my 12th year of teaching and I havealways taught in lower grades.I love to travel, read, camp, go 4WD, go tothe movies and listen to live music. 4. Ms. Lena 1st year as a TeachingAssistant. Prior to having her ownchildren, she was a PreschoolTeacher. Is from Norway. Has lived in America and Oman. Is happily married with 2children. In her free time, she likes totake the family boat out on theocean. 5. Settling-In Unpacking Signing In Greeting Friends Question of the Day Special Projects Structured Play 6. Morning Meeting Every morning we come together in the circle to sing and have our Morning Meeting. Morning Meeting has the following components 1. Greeting 2. Morning Song 3. Morning Message 4. Daily Schedule 5. ABC Work/ Songs 7. Literacy In our literacy blockwe will do bothreading and writing. We work as a wholeclass, in small groupsand with eachstudent individually.Activities are plannedaccording to the needsand abilities of thechildren.Literacy is embeddedthroughout our day. 8. Writing Working together in Shared &Interactive writing Whole class mini-lessons Writers Workshop Small groups based on studentneeds Time for one-on-oneconferencing Working on a piece of writing atvarious stages(thinking, planning, writing, revising) Sharing work with others 9. Reading Time Readers Workshop Read to Self Partner Reading Shared Reading Guided Reading Read Aloud Reading BuddiesTake Home BooksPoetry Songbooks Library 10. Math Our math program emphasizes a hands-on, problem-solving approach to learning mathconcepts. We also work on our calendar skills which include:the days of the week, the months of the year, theconcepts of yesterday, today and tomorrow, andvarious counting skills. Units for Math: Routines and Numbers Shapes and Patterns Sorting, Ordering and Comparing Measurement Joining and Separating Numbers Show What We Know 11. Science/ Social Studies Me in My Classroom (Rules and Routines I Can (Me) Things In Our World: What is it and howdoes it work? Amazing Earth: Land and Sky Discover Oman The World in Our Classroom: How are weconnected? In My Backyard: Plants and Insects 12. Choosing Time Play is very important toyour childs social andcognitive development. S/he will learn tocooperate, share, problem solve and HAVE FUN! 13. 12:30- Lunch in Our Classroom Thank you in advance forsending in food that includeshealthy choices and is easyfor your child to eat. We can warm up food in ourmicrowave. Dont forget utensils!After lunch we will have a rest time. 14. Snack & Recess Please make sure yourchild has a hat &water bottle forrecess time.When the weather ismore temperate, wemay spend more timeoutside. 15. Kindergarten SpecialsArtIT Library MusicPE Counselor 16. Ms. Lauren-KGDay 1Day 2 Day 3Day 4 Day 5 Day 6__________ ___________ ______________________ ____________________8.15 9.00 Settling In/Choosing Time9.00 9.15 Morning Meeting9:15-9:30Shared Reading/Writing orShared Reading/Writing or Shared Reading/Writing orShared Reading/Writing or Shared Reading/Writing or Shared Reading/Writing or Word Study Word StudyWord Study Word StudyWord StudyWord StudyReading/Writing Reading/WritingReading/Writing Reading/WritingReading/Writing Writing/Reading9.30-10.15 WorkshopWorkshop WorkshopWorkshop Workshop Workshop 10.20 10.55 Snack and RecessReading/Writing Writing/ReadingWriting/Reading Writing/Reading ART : Week 1 Writing/Reading 11.00 11.40 Workshop Workshop WorkshopWorkshop MUSIC : Week 2Workshop Math MathWriting/Reading Math 11.45 12.25MUSICMUSICWorkshop 12.30 1.20Lunch and Rest TimeMathScience/Social StudiesMath1.20 2.00 PEPEART Science/ Social Science/Social Studies Science/ Social2.05 2.45StudiesStudies ART2:30- COUNSELOR LIBRARY2.50 3.30Pack, Recess/Choosing Time & Goodbye CirclePE 17. How can you help your childlearn? Talk about the events of the day. Ensure that your child has a wide range ofexperiences to talk and write about. Read to your child every day. Play games with your child. Make sure your child gets enough sleep(approximately 10 hours for a 5 year old) and eatsbreakfast. 18. Helping at home with reading: Reading aloud to your child isthe single most importantthing you can do to help himor her become a successfulreader. Read at Home RecordingSheet 19. Helping at home withwriting: Provide writing tools and a table or deskto work at. Encourage young writers by asking them totell you about their writing/drawing. Let them hang up their work, or send it tosomeone special. 20. Building Confidence Encourage first attempts at reading andwriting, with positive comments. Ask your child to tell you about their work,and listen with interest. Avoid pointing out mistakes 21. Communication We will be informing you of thehappenings in our KG classroom via ourblog! www.kgmslauren.blogspot.com You can also contact me directly onbastionl@taism.com 22. Thank you for coming!